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  1. The clouds clearing the uk to our West seems to now be feeding back into the clouds coming up now from below... http://www.meteox.com/h.aspx?r=&jaar=-3&soort=loop1uur
  2. Tell me about it we are just turning white now - folkestone
  3. Yeah moderate we were green tho and I’m really close to the sea at sea level so this is good! I’ve got the start of a covering and it’s been 10 15 mins since it turned folkestone
  4. Someone else said and I agree - frozen sugar! edit lightly snowing Folkestone
  5. Can confirm grains of sugar here too Folkestone
  6. Been so freaky this whole spell just turning to snow now but been frozen rain still green here today can’t wait for this afternoon - folkestone
  7. http://www.meteox.com/h.aspx?r=&jaar=-3&soort=loop1uur this one