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  1. Very clear live camera at Brighton Beach - www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/uk-weather-watch-live-video-2648442

    There is another view on the website for Watersports Brighton cam.


    Felt cross and thought it very irresponsible of the cameramen (with swimmers) larking about, paddling/fallin over at the shore, laughing as though it was a risk/fun and showing it live on Sky News this morning. Could encourage youngsters to do the same.

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  2. Just to let you know that in all areas of the forum I get this little purply coloured box that appears in the centre of the screen. I can just make out some white text inside the box '...weather forecasts data and...'. This shows up slightly better on a white screen and is always in the centre even when I scroll up and down (sure there's a technical name for this!). Not sure anyone knows what it is?! Perhaps a netweather ghost :) or perhaps just my computer.

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