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    I love Snow(!) and enjoy coming onto this site to get live updates from around the country and my region, tracing and anticipating any upcoming extreme weather, snow, storms etc :)

    I enjoy the natural world and wilderness and have an interest in photography. Mainly being nosey and appreciating other people's but like to take pics myself too.

    I am a big Brighton & Hove Albion fan, have a season ticket so go to the games with my boy.
  1. after a hot couple of days the rain has started with lighting in the distance!

  2. Rose your inbox is always full. hope all is well :)

  3. hi Rose. how's you.

  4. haha you had me worried then, i thought it was! thanks =)

  5. You have possibly the biggest personal photo on Net Weather, congratulations :p

  6. very rough crossing - august 09
  7. rainbow!

  8. double rainbow

  9. End of the rainbow

  10. Where was this taken? It looks lovely there.... careful you don't fall in!
  11. Where was this pic taken? I love looking through pics of the Lakes, really enjoyed yours thanks