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  1. Not had to use this account in a while, cant get back on my other as it wont let me log in with facebook 😓

    1. Paul


      Should work again now 🙂 

    2. snowflake88
  2. LOL Mrs Browns Boys.....love it :)

    1. Coast


      Funniest thing for ages!!

  3. quite surprised the upcoming snow event this weekend into monday and tuesday hasnt got its own thread, for the will it wont it snow here&there Q's

  4. well im going to go to bed whilst its all looking good, gnight all and hope for more of the same tomorrow

  5. looking forward to summer now, winter can do one, i wash my hands of it i

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    2. Karl83


      South Yorkshire!! Im in Bristol!! You have a better chance than us down here.

    3. gottolovethisweather


      nearly all of us have a chance because the models haven't seen the future as far as I know.

    4. snowflake88


      my comments were made about this weekend and from the METO forecast for my area

  6. right...thats it i am off to bed, my eyes are stinging, my head is banging and the less said about my hair the better!! lol, night all and everything crossed for the morning

  7. was getting excited about the weekend, but i dont think south yorkshire going to see much of the white stuff going off the forecasts i have seen :(

    1. Slowpoke


      Spare a thought for us in NW England. You have a better a chance than us. Besides, this cold could extend into next week and beyond, all is still to play for!

    2. snowflake88


      well good luck to all, thoughts spared for all lol

    3. karyo


      You will get snow showers on Sunday.

  8. omg school closed and now its melting they could have just had a later start lol

  9. did want a onesie but i have suddenly changed my mind!

  10. well so much for me staying off here, i need help! lol

    1. Karl83


      I know what you mean. I tried and failed.

    2. lindy2017


      yeah its really hard must be addicted...

    3. lewis028


      And now the FI on the ECM, gonna be even harder to stay away lol

  11. well as the models dont want to play nicely, i am gonna take a break from here, i sad this other day, but really need a break now, not just that my constant F5 tapping is getting on my bf last nerve lol, hope to see ya all soon when there is something snowy in the charts

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    2. Eugene


      Everyone will be crying once they see GFS 00Z

    3. Karl83


      I agree snowflake.

    4. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Not a bad idea i.e. stepping away from things for a few days or so.

  12. well just done the school run, and just had to pick my ears up from the floor, soooo cold out there...love it!

  13. ok...so now i come to terms with no snow, ok well it would have been a pain for travel, shopping, deliveries right before xmas, this is how im dealing with the dissapointment and im sticking with it lol

    1. lindy2017


      yeah im the same .....

  14. haha, antiseptic cream for dogs paw, ok i will put it on 3 times a day....yes it always goes to plan...more on me than him lol

  15. not going to get excited about easterlies, snow potential, or anything wintery until i see it thru my window, i cant take anymore crushing dissapointment

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    2. snowflake88


      yep thats what i was thinking...cnt do with chasing something that gonna dissapear again

    3. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      we will get sucked in again, its human nature

    4. snowflake88


      yeah i know, it sucks, dont know why we keep doing it to ourselves, but suppose it part of winter model watching, but does get annoying lol

  16. think im gonna have a break from here, one min it is snowmageddon, next it is all over, it is frying my brain, so im going back to seeing the weather as it happens instead of what could happen

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      I know exactly how you feel.

    2. Marcus_surfer


      its the beauty of the winter roller coaster!

  17. wtf is a "snow dome" lol

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    2. AderynCoch


      A snow dome does one of two things - turns snow to rain or kills the snow off completely if it's too cold to rain. It's the bane of winters in Merseyside.

    3. Geordiesnow


      Just put an ":p" TWS in your post or a wink, its hard to believe how much of a difference a message looks if you put an emote in!

    4. Aaron


      Yeah if you attack someone verbally just put a wink emoticon and get away with it.. ;)

  18. ok so im gonna go and throw some polystyrene balls about in the garden...i will have snow lmao

  19. ohhhhh not the sunshine again, i want SNOW not sunshine :(

  20. hmmm wish i could actually understand the charts, i get so confused lol

    1. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      You have them upside down ;-)

    2. snowflake88


      lmao still dont help whatever way i look at them!

  21. yaaaay some sunshine

    1. Eugene


      Yes should be sunny rest of the week, bet all those flood affected areas are jumping for joy apart from some strange fellow in the northeast midlands :)

    2. snowflake88


      it hasnt lasted long here...the cloud has swallowed it for now :(

  22. wishes i had the willpower to stay off here, the rollercoaster making me feel a lil sick now lol

  23. well i think its time i call it a night on here now, my f5 key has taken enough of a bashing lol

  24. such a seasonal netweather visitor i am, here comes winter...so here comes big portions of my days lost on here watching for snow hehe

  25. everything crossed for the weekend!!!!!

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