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  1. TPStones

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I just love weather extremes I guess, so if I'm not going to get 3 months of blizzards then I'd settle for a year of solar anomalies on the hope that it's part of a prolonged Dalton/Maunder style minimum.
  2. TPStones

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    100 days by June seems more than doable by June. At this rate it will be easier counting the days with sunspots. I wonder if we can reach 200 by november.
  3. I broke my snow shovel trying to tame the last beast. My new one arrived today so I'm ready if beast 2.0 dares try it.
  4. Fairly heavy snow here and it's lying.
  5. Sleet here at the minute. I'm hoping that it will turn to snow very soon.
  6. You're out of luck, sadly. Any wine round this way has been well quaffed by the locals. It's been like 28 days later round this way. Any shops have been picked clean, even all the soy milk has sold out. 😱
  7. As an occasional lurker I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who has been posting. I've had great fun reading all the posts. I don't know anything about weather beyond what I observe when I look up at the sky so feel rather under qualified posting anywhere else on the forum but I feel qualified to comment here, since I know what buckfast is, and I've hunted high and low for a plain loaf this week so I feel an affinity with you all.
  8. I'm looking forward to a hopefully cold and snowy winter and dreading a mild winter in the same way I look forward to a hot and sunny summer.