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  1. No but I was just look them out with the European Windstorm Centre they do have a Beaufort scale 12 is 140mph winds.
  2. I imagine that wind speed could cause higher gusts up to 140mph winds with a sea level pressure of 942mb, as a Cat 4 hurricane that will make landfall in Ireland, South West of England and the Southern England.
  3. This is one of the most scary storms with even more powerful windstorm in hurricane force but hopefully to be downgrades
  4. There are very highest risk of torrential downpours, thundery showers, and heavy further squally showers with the severe weather warnings for most part of the UK in this weekend and into next week.
  5. Yes of courses there will be lot of amounts up to 100+mm/hr of rainfall out there but just check them out with the meteociel accumulation precipitation.
  6. She could be a develop to give her cats up with catnado but tornado picked up feral cats in the UK as we should be aware of this.
  7. This is really more worrying about this heaviest rainfall for this weekend and into next week.
  8. She is going to be stronger than this tonight and tomorrow for this weekend with hurricane force winds up to 80-90mph winds or higher gusts. The heaviest rainfall will also be accompanied by the very heavy squally showers with an another larger storm system for this weekend that could be a lot of amounts up to 50-250mm with even possible.
  9. There will be lots of amounts up to 50-200mm of rainfall over the next few days but really a nasty out there. It's a very heavy squally showers out there for this weekend and into next week.
  10. For example that it will look like a 90mm of rainfall an hour on the YouTube but if you don't know what is look like a 90mm of rainfall an hour.
  11. More worrying about the accumulation of rainfall up to 100-150mm across the nationwide but heavy squally showers with flooding rain in the next few days away.
  12. Can anyone is going to make it a red alert with the map is just look like a small craft, gale, storm or hurricane warning flags on the marine signal flags for this weekend? Stay away from the beaches could cause swell heights, due to the safety from the storm surges. And I went out to a riding on the bike from the promenade, due to a strong winds are very difficult to ride on the bike at 30-40mph winds.
  13. I don't think that I'm not agree it with Daily Star, just maybe right on that way. TYPHOON WARNING: Winter weather hell as killer storm heads towards BRITAIN for Christmas. The fallout from Super Typhoon Haiyan will wreak havoc in Britain throughout winter 2013 with the long range weather forecast warning heavy snow, huge storms, high winds and freezing temperatures are heading to the UK for this Christmas. Leon Brown, from the Weather Channel, said: “The typhoon will have an effect everywhere. “At the moment warmth and moisture is moving north into China so it will take a couple of
  14. Haiyan will be highest impact to hit the Philipnee with 200mph winds, even possible a Category 6 hurricane.
  15. She will be a one of the most powerful tropical cyclone with sustained winds up to 196mph winds, as a Category 6 hurricane equivalent possible.
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