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  1. Just gone out to start the car,about a cm or so cover,must of been some beefy showers in the early hours & snowing lightly again now
  2. Only light snow here Steve at the mo & a light covering,bodes well for the coming days
  3. Nothing here just rain,just come back from Scunny and its belting down with snow there
  4. Not expecting anything,been a rubbish winter round here,in fact the worst regarding snow in the 15 years I've lived here
  5. Back to a friendly thread,south east's seem to shoot everyone down from oooooop north if they dare say it won't be snowing down there tonight lol its tipping down with rain here so expecting pish to happen here tonight regarding wintriness
  6. Nothing much about no where mate,nothing round this neck of the woods apart from sleet,had a good 2" yesterday morning before turning to rain then dreary muck since,bbc have us down for sleet at best for the next few days but I don't take what they say as gospel
  7. Yeah your right imp,freezing point now here n settling,coming down quite heavy,just been for a drive on the tops n it's whiteout up there
  8. Heavy snow in caistor,struggling to settle at the mo
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