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  1. Thanks will! I'm sad you've moved. I no longer have my snow lookout, which means I'm going to have to lamp post watch 24/7. I used to be able to log on here and you'd have given the latest Fav snow updates and I didn't even have to look out the window! I hope you get loads of snow in Glossop this winter On topic - bloomin freezing tonight! I totally underestimated how cold it was earlier too and my fingers nearly fell off. It's definitely gloves and scarf time!
  2. Morning everyone Bit chilly out there today although not as chilly as I thought it would be. The moon was huge this morning so I grabbed a couple of pics. I'm looking forward to the Snow Cup. Hopefully we'll have something to stick our rulers in very soon I've banned myself from the mod thread this year. The last 2 years have been so emotionally stressful just reading it so I've not ventured in this time. This thread is full of excellent posters with all the info you'd ever need anyway. Happy, non argumentative, sane(ish) people with straight up weather info in here and not a pram or strewn toy in sight. Just the way I like it Have a great day all
  3. One of my friends did this about 10 years ago. He burnt his whole face he looks pretty normal now but it was AWFUL. He has the pic of his burnt face as his FB profile pic and I hate seeing it...melted *shudder*
  4. Happy Soggy Halloween! I look like a drowned rat after sweeping the leaves from the front door. It was probably a total waste of time seeing as the weekend will probably bring a ton more to the doorstep haha. Hope everyone has a great day
  5. Evening all I'm So hungry after reading the last couple of pages!! Tonight's menu sounds delish. We had good ol shepherds pie and veg, perfect food for a chilly evening We had a great day enjoying the autumn sunshine. we went out to collect a ton of twigs and leaves to make new trees as lots were broken in the storm. It was my sons idea (he is only 5) so with a little help from some Sellotape we now have a house full of 'trees' it's like the great outdoors in here. It was a beautiful day, some gorgeous clouds in the sky which we layed and watched for a while
  6. It's still rather blustery out there! We've been out twice, once to look at the poor trees and second time to collect my bank card which I apparently dropped whilst looking at the trees! Took a few pics. These were in the park which is outside my house. We were lucky that the big tall trees on the doorstep held their ground well otherwise we might have acquired a new house plant. There are trees down all over town and someone's car was squashed by a falling tree in my Dads Road No idea why they are sideways, this always seems to happen with iphone pics?! I feel shattered after all that excitement and staying up most of the night. Might as well get used to it though, it will soon be Snow watch
  7. Page 1 of dedicated thread Jo Farrow said Kent isn't out of the woods yet and there was more to come. It does seem alot calmer here at the moment though
  8. The strongest winds are yet to come hun so I would delay or leave it for now x
  9. That roar!! Are we in the worst now?? We have lost power at some point as all the clocks are flashing. Just watching all the leaves flying around out the back door. my heart is racing lol
  10. afternoon all is everyone ready for later? I've had a little sleep in prep for staying up tonight. Camera batts charged, DS for the kids charged, phones poised to charge later, flask out and it looks like a Yankee Candle retailers in here. I.AM.READY! Really excited but have a little niggling feeling of worry too. Is it safe to venture in the dedicated thread yet? i felt like I needed anger management after going in there a few hours ago.
  11. That isn't ordinary lol! I wouldn't fancy walking along with 80mph gusts, I doubt I could even if I tried
  12. Afternoon all I hope everyone is good, I haven't posted for ages! All eyes to Monday. I have to say it's looking rather concerning. Obviously I'm really excited about it but also worried. Back in 87' (sorry ha) it was all about the excitement and as I was only a wee one I didn't have the worry and trouble of cleaning up the devestation it caused. Now I'm a big girl I'm actually worrying about the house etc. I live on te edge of a park and there are lots of trees on my doorstep. They're in full leaf and already swaying with the light winds today. God only knows what they'd be like in an 80mph gust?! I've been following everything here closely and giving friends and family the heads up. Some people are so blasé about it though and scoff at the idea of it being anything more than a storm in a teacup. One can only hope that if come Monday things are flying past their windows they actually take heed and stay in until it's blown over. I've got my candles ready, books, sweets and blankets so we should be alright
  13. thank you. I dont think I'm near to putting anyone to shame though haha. I'm doing ok so far with birds, wildlife and people but suck at landscapes at the moment. One step at a time I guess
  14. A pic I took today. I think its a Harris Hawk
  15. It is! I went to a Nature Reserve yesterday evening. I saw so many birds and guess what... not enough zoom! I'm off to get another lens in a bit. Still not decided which so I'll try them out in the shop.
  16. Thanks guys. I'm going to do lots of free photography workshops that thy run around kent and I'm also going to Camera club when it starts up again in a couple of weeks so that should help ALOT lol
  17. woohoo the camera is AMAZING. Its going to take me a heck of a time to work out what Im doing but I love it. I've only been in the garden with it so far and indoors taking random pics of household objects..Im still in my jamas lol. Unbeknown to me I had a camera bag as a suprise and its FAB! I also got a tripod so for now I think I'm ready to go. Here is a little shot I took of a Bee collecting pollen. It was one of the first I took and I have no idea what I'm doing really but I thought it was quite cool.
  18. Thank you BB - I got myself some bits yesterday from Ebay. I got filters, wireless trigger remote, cleaning kit, screen protectors and something else but cant think what. I'm looking at a tripod for cheap on there too. I've been looking at second hand lenses but they still sell for quite a hefty price and you just never know if they've been dropped or are all working ok. I'd like to think I'm quite good at shopping around and hunting for a good bargain. Im such a magpie though so get distracted easily with things like bags lol. Thanks Triple I've ordered a book with tips and tricks for the 600D which will come in handy. I've been watching tons of tutorials and taking notes aswell to help me out. 1 day to go and I can start practising hooray!! 4wd - Wow they are BEAUTIFUL shots. I'd be incredibly happy if I took pics like that
  19. Thank you MS I've only ever tried the 50mm 1.8 too. I'm looking at the 1.4 mainly from the sample pictures I've seen. They look sharper than the 1.8 & the 1.4 seems to have nicer colours which really appealed to me. Money is an issue here though and could be better spent on something else like you say. I know what I'm like though, I'll buy the 1.8 and then I wish I'd got the other haha. I'm going to take my time in deciding though, there isn't any real rush...I guess haha. If only money was no object I'd have one of everything. After you mentioned your Sigma 10-20mm it had me searching on those...another to add to the ever growing list. Anyway, I'm even having trouble choosing what bag to put my kit in at the moment, can't find anything remotely girly, pink or sparkly for under £100 ( First World problems ) so I think its probably best I have a break and come back to the searching another day. Ooh I had a look at the Hama tripods though and I think I shall go for one of those too so that was really helpful thank you
  20. arghhh just typed out a big long reply and closed the window by mistake!! Thank you guys, help is much appreciated. I really want a Prime Lens for pics of the kids. My step mum has a Nikon and mainly uses her prime lens over anything else she has. Ive taken pics with it and they are FAB. So this is high on my wish list. I like taking pics of landscapes, flowers, wildlife/birds, the weather. A bit of everything really. I really love close up Macro shots of flowers, insects and snowflakes. I think I will definately need a few lenses to cover all this. Also I really want to do some good night photography, stars, moon, lightning too. I have so many ideas in my head. I've gone for the IS lenses as I dont have the steadiest hands in the world so I think it will help. Also I've read about shooting in RAW mode which I willl definately do. I've got photoshop (very limited knowledge on how to use it) but I can get lightroom too so that should be no problem. My current camera which I've had for a few years now is a Lumix TZ10. It has manual mode which I've been playing around with for a while to get used to the different settings and what they do. I still find it very limiting in what it can do though so it made sense to step into DSLR. Apologies for choppy reply, I'm being assaulted by 2 children as I type lol
  21. Thank you Coast! Bag! Good thinking I'll have a look for one in a sec and for all the other bits you suggested. I found a remote for cheap and I'll have a looksee for the lenses. I'm ridiculously excited to set it up and go out with it. Im not allowed it until Friday though *sobs* Your local Camera Shop looks fab, it is rather a bit of a trek for me though lol. I've just been looking at the 75-300mm lenses and now I'm confused as there seem to be different types? :/ and just to make things even more confuzzling there is a 55-250mm IS lens which upon reading people say its a way better lens than the 75-300? What do you think about that? sorry I feel like such a pain!
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