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  1. There she blows, smiling as she goes! It didnt seem too bad here in the night, certainly windy and rainy but nothing extreme. I hope everyone is alright and has a great weekend
  2. afternoon everyone, beautiful blue skies and sunshine here at the moment. I might grab a chair and sit in the sun for a bit while its out. Soak up some Vit D! Sending lots of postive, happy and get well soon vibes to all those who could use them and some virtual hugs too xx
  3. Absolutely pouring here. It seems even the birds aren't feeling it out there either. They're all in my loft having some kind of bird AGM. No idea how I'm supposed to sleep with the noise they're making. Part of me is pleased that they're nice and dry, I just hope they're considerate about where they poop...
  4. morning all, grey, damp and generlly miserable here at the moment. I dreamt last night that the whole of the UK was under a Met Office Red warning...this weather is even plaguing my dreams now! I see the rain is on its way, its going to be a wet one! I hope everyone has a great day. The kids have generously given me their lurgy so I shall be indoors under a blanket with copious amount of tea, biscuits and chocolate, windows open and listening to the rain.
  5. afternoon all. Total change here in the weather now. Grey, raining and really gusty. Wind tried knocking me off my feet just now when I popped out for some shopping. Glad to be back indoors thats for sure. My hair is way past distressed....
  6. morning all. Bright, breezy and dry here in Faversham at the moment Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe later x
  7. evening all, hope everyone is ok. My chimney is howling and it sounds like a constant rumbling out the front in the trees so its getting underway. I popped out the back and the wind must be coming from a different direction tonight as we are usually pretty sheltered out the back but the wind is ripping through the garden.. Might have to move the little one out the front bedroom again, those trees are creaking badly. I just saw Storms thread from fergies twitter they've updated the warning to Amber for SW. Shame it wasnt done earlier seeing 15,000 have lost power, how will they know? ETA: I guess they'll know by looking outside LOL Im tired ignore
  8. I know, no doubt it will be grey and moody out there soon but I'm enjoying it while its bright p.s rain alarm is going off haha
  9. If I posted in here alot you could add a 0 to that weekly number, thats what I meant Of all the forums I go on, this one is the tighest run ship. Its great though and it works, thats why I stick around, albeit in the shadows
  10. Evening all Just thought I'd nip in quick and say how much I love this thread! The reason I hardly post is because I find it extremely hard to keep on topic (natural born waffler) so rather than have me being told off and having my posts frequently deleted I choose to read rather than post (most of the time) Personally I think its nice to pop in here and read something other than rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, wet, soggy, grey, windy, blowy, which quite frankly would be all we would've had to say over the past 2 months if everything was strictly weather related Anyway obligatory weathervane P.S not looking forward to Weds offerings!
  11. Morning all from a chilly Faversham Had a great morning reading all the reminiscent posts this morning while warming up with a cup of tea. It did bring back memories for me too, especially about the coalman. Our coalman was my bogeyman. He was terrifying! I'd be happily playing away in the garden and then he'd come walking round the corner, face black, eyes glowing white, carrying the sacks of coal to the bunker. He was so miserable and never said hello, he'd just stare and of course I was terrified of him haha. In the end my Mum used to warn me when he'd be coming so I could hide indoors. We never had heating other than the open fires and no hot water either. Bath time meant heating a huge drum of water up. I miss those days and our lovely incredibly old country house
  12. thank you all. Just seen all the replies! I did get a zoom and have a nice little kit going on now. I got a Macro lens for Christmas so I'm having fun with that. Just need it to snow now for some awesome Snowflake Pics
  13. Morning all, Happy Christmas Eve!! I hope everyone is ok and you haven't suffered too much loss or damage. Lots of trees down around Faversham. Luckily the ones out the front stayed standing. We lost power numerous times in the early hours but its all ok now. I feel like saying I dont want to experience that again anytime soon but there is talk of Part 2 on Friday, Lordy. Hopefully it will be less mean.
  14. the huge trees out the front of our house are cracking. I had a look out the door and could hear them with every gust. I've moved the kids to my bed in the back of the house, not taking any chances because if one of those came down towards the house we'd be in trouble. I cant imagine what its going to be like if it gets worse?!
  15. lights flickering here. I've got the dinner cooked and on the simmer keeping it warm so at least we'll eat. I hope to God everyone is ok that is out in that. Makes me feel sad thinking about it.
  16. I've had to put the tumble dryer on to drown out the noise, its scaring the kids. Hopefully they'll be sound asleep later when it really gets going. Its beastly out there now. Scary/exciting all at once
  17. take care everyone if you're venturing out and about. I'm popping out in an hour to get the last bits done. And just in case we lose power and internet I shall say it now, Have a wonderful Christmas everyone xx
  18. absolutely brilliant. Complete with xmas countdown woohoo!
  19. wow that sure is wild out there tonight, house isn't quite shaking yet but the fireplace is rattling. I love being indoors listening to that noise, super cosy!
  20. Common Blue butterfly I took a couple of months ago (one of my favourite pics so far) and a beauty of a spider in the garden.
  21. stay safe everyone! This has really shocked me. I've been dreaming of snow and didn't think for a second we'd have floods to think about. The red warning comes to just across the park from me.
  22. I used to really suffer every Winter in my teens, fine in my twenties and now I'm suffering in my thirties. My sleep cycle is screwed & I feel miserable. its so annoying as I'm a very happy person and it bothers me when I have no 'zing'. I love being out in the cold Winter air, the smell is fantastic, I think its just the lack of light that really plays havoc with my emotions and internal clock. I found a lamp today anyway and rekon its worth a go. Either that or some Snow as that would definitely make me feel better
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