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  1. Good morning all YAWN! Hope everyone is ok and hasnt sufffered too much damage after last night! Still a bit gusty in Faversham. I tried sleeping at 11pm and set my alarm for 1am but it wasn't needed through that racket. I sat in bed from 12 until about 4 eating biscuits and wondering if the windows were going to be ripped off the hinges, as you do. I cant see any immediate damage here apart from big branches off the trees and more trees are now creeking in the wind. I think St Judes was definately more ferocious but last nights was much longer lasting. The wind always seems much worse at night as you cant see so your other senses compensate for that and it seems worse. Thats my theory anyway.
  2. Fully expecting to lose power here soon. Lights are strobing! I just stood at the back door and it's incredible! So mild and a constant roar with sirens going off and the sounds of things crashing, glass breaking. Judging by sound alone this beastie is on par with st Jude's storm.
  3. wowzers, its really starting to blow out there! I've held my breath listening to some of those gusts, they seem to go on forever getting louder and louder. I'm going to try and stay up else I know I'll end up sleeping through everything. Hope everyone is ok
  4. things starting to look lively here. We have an evening planned of watching the new series of House Of Cards but all I really want to do is sit in silence and listen to the wind blow. I dont think OH will be up for that somehow Just have to wait until he goes home!!
  5. These are the 2 on my doorstep. Since the October storm they make the most horrible creaking noise when the wind blows. If they fell towards the house they'd definately reach it but no idea how much damage they'd do. My son sleeps along the front wall facing them so he'll be in with me tonight! They survived 1987 when so many others next to them didn't, the ground they're in is soooooo boggy now though. It is a worry!
  6. I *think* everyones apprehension is focused around how late Wednesdays red warnings came. It seemed Meto didnt realise or think things would be that bad and didnt issue the red warning until it was on their doorstep. I in no way think this will be on that scale and dont imagine for a minute we'll have red warnings for todays. I think (Correct me if I'm wrong) but Wednesdays storm was still a developing low as opposed to this one which is fully matured so that made it harder to predict? I'm just saying I can see why people are trying to read between the lines. I think we can all just safetly assume its not a good idea to be going out tonight
  7. Bit strange their updates in the warnings. They've put us under Amber but I see they've knocked 10mph off the gust windspeeds since this morning. It was 67mph earlier and has now dropped to 57mph for 3am. Oh well I guess we wont know til its here.
  8. all I can say about it out there now is YUK! got soaked and blown about like a rag doll and the wind hasnt even started yet! I do hope people choose to have romantic nights in tonight rather than romantic nights out. I have a feeling its going to be ugly later
  9. Happy Balentines Day (as my kidletts call it) xxx Sky is absolutely black here, super fast moving clouds. Going to pop out and do all our buts early so we avoid any wind! stay safe everyone
  10. just came back from early Valentines lunch and saw some AMAZING black skies. Didnt have my camera I managed to get a pic as it was trundling off in the distance when I got home. It dumped a load of hail but no rain. I just said to the OH I hate being indoors when its like that outside and he said I was mad, most people are the other way round! Looks like a Summers day outside now.
  11. morning all very strange looking sky here this morning. If it was colder I'd say it was about to snow but it will probably just rain. Will be following all the great posts in here today and looking forward to JPs thoughts on tomorrows stormage. And Surrey I hope you can floodproof your house today with the sand! Have a great day everyone x
  12. you didnt?! haha its not the rain that concerned me, its the huge trees dropping their branches. I don't think her doggies would've liked to have one of those on their noodles
  13. Just sitting indoors with my littlest under a blanket watching out the window and some lady is standing there screaming at her dogs. Why on earth she would think its a good time to walk them in the park with branches flying off the trees I shall never know. Poor doggies lashing down her and really gusty
  14. Good Morning I've just been out walking for an hour and it is gusting already. I got blown forward on the way and was getting a good workout on the way back! later will be nasty. Yikes, just seen the red warnings I hope everyone stays safe, indoors and out of harms way.
  15. oh Surrey your poor garden its a quagmire bless you! I hope it doesn't get much worse, I'll have everything crossed for you. I'd definately move anything valuable to you off the floor just incase. Some real nasty weather to contend over the next few days...again! It was really bad today, I'd say worse than anything we've had since the end of Octobers storm. Bins were being blown down the road today. Maybe it was just the direction of the wind that made it seem worse, whatever it was it was not pleasant. I'm not venturing out tomorrow that for sure. Stay safe everyone
  16. A big sinkhole has appeared on the M2 wonder if its all the rain we've had? http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentish_gazette/news/major-kent-motorway-closed-in-12594/
  17. Morning all Absolutely AWFUL here, pee'ing hard and the wind has really picked up too. Not looking forward to walking out in that
  18. Still very quiet here, outside anyway. Inside The Police and Hall & Oats is blaring and Stella flowing nicely..
  19. Evening all I can't keep up with current conditions, was going crazy a min ago and now it's peaceful as anything. Got my camera set up incase we get some T&L. Hope everyone is having a good evening. I'm having my first beer in a long long time so rather enjoying myself
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