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  1. Thank you MS I've only ever tried the 50mm 1.8 too. I'm looking at the 1.4 mainly from the sample pictures I've seen. They look sharper than the 1.8 & the 1.4 seems to have nicer colours which really appealed to me. Money is an issue here though and could be better spent on something else like you say. I know what I'm like though, I'll buy the 1.8 and then I wish I'd got the other haha. I'm going to take my time in deciding though, there isn't any real rush...I guess haha. If only money was no object I'd have one of everything. After you mentioned your Sigma 10-20mm it had me searching on those...another to add to the ever growing list. Anyway, I'm even having trouble choosing what bag to put my kit in at the moment, can't find anything remotely girly, pink or sparkly for under £100 ( First World problems ) so I think its probably best I have a break and come back to the searching another day. Ooh I had a look at the Hama tripods though and I think I shall go for one of those too so that was really helpful thank you
  2. arghhh just typed out a big long reply and closed the window by mistake!! Thank you guys, help is much appreciated. I really want a Prime Lens for pics of the kids. My step mum has a Nikon and mainly uses her prime lens over anything else she has. Ive taken pics with it and they are FAB. So this is high on my wish list. I like taking pics of landscapes, flowers, wildlife/birds, the weather. A bit of everything really. I really love close up Macro shots of flowers, insects and snowflakes. I think I will definately need a few lenses to cover all this. Also I really want to do some good night photography, stars, moon, lightning too. I have so many ideas in my head. I've gone for the IS lenses as I dont have the steadiest hands in the world so I think it will help. Also I've read about shooting in RAW mode which I willl definately do. I've got photoshop (very limited knowledge on how to use it) but I can get lightroom too so that should be no problem. My current camera which I've had for a few years now is a Lumix TZ10. It has manual mode which I've been playing around with for a while to get used to the different settings and what they do. I still find it very limiting in what it can do though so it made sense to step into DSLR. Apologies for choppy reply, I'm being assaulted by 2 children as I type lol
  3. Thank you Coast! Bag! Good thinking I'll have a look for one in a sec and for all the other bits you suggested. I found a remote for cheap and I'll have a looksee for the lenses. I'm ridiculously excited to set it up and go out with it. Im not allowed it until Friday though *sobs* Your local Camera Shop looks fab, it is rather a bit of a trek for me though lol. I've just been looking at the 75-300mm lenses and now I'm confused as there seem to be different types? :/ and just to make things even more confuzzling there is a 55-250mm IS lens which upon reading people say its a way better lens than the 75-300? What do you think about that? sorry I feel like such a pain!
  4. Soo, lucky girl here has just got her first DSLR for my Birthday on Friday!! After testing them out in the shop I went for the Canon 600D with the basic kit lens (18-55mm IS) I've drawn up a little wish list of lenses which I would like... 50mm 1.4 and 75-300mm for a start. I'd love a Macro too but I think that one might have to wait until next year as they're super expensive so I'll wait, save and by then I should be confident with my baby. I need a little help on what else I'll need. Has anyone got any good suggestions of things I could get? I've been looking at tripods but I have no idea what to get. I'm only a shorty 5"1. Will this make a difference when looking for them? Do I need lens hoods? Filters? I don't want to buy a ton of stuff that I wont really need. Any help/answers greatly appreciated x
  5. brilliant storm last night! I was going to bed around 12 and as soon as I shut my eyes the room lit up from distant lightning. So there was no chance I was going back to bed. It was mostly distant lightning, pretty and calm and then came the squall sometime between 2 and 3am. It was pretty intense! I was sitting in my window and it went from lovely calm to hell unleashed in an instant. I actually crapped it for a second as the wind was so strong it was difficult to shut the window and I was trying not to get blown out or fall out. The squall was fab, sideways monsoon rain, very windy, 1cm hail, thunder and lightning. It lasted a good few mins too. My 2year old sat watching from the bed and she was most concerned about my camera getting wet, never mind Mummy blowing away LOL! Next door lost some washing as I expect many people did last night. Im absolutely shattered today after a couple of hours sleep but it was well worth it.
  6. It tooks its time but our snow has finally arrived! Woohoo!! Lets hope it was more than worth the wait :0)

    1. Mr Frost

      Mr Frost

      Can you send it this way when you are done with it? I had a 1 cm covering 8 days ago and nothing since! :-( Have fun!

    2. Tilly


      will do! We had 3mm Friday and that was it. I think today may make up for that :)

  7. I think this is the one Staffordshire posted earlier http://oak.is/thinking/hurricane-sandy/
  8. may be storm starved but we have been blessed with a glorious sunny day instead...can't complain

  9. oooooh it even smells like Spring out there! :D happy happy

  10. loving the t-shirt weather! long may it continue

  11. everything I fall in love with is soooo expensive :( gah!

    1. Lancashire Lass
    2. A.J


      oh I know what you mean...my future wife a/k/a xbox720 will fleece me dry....lol

    3. Tilly


      haha you lot! shoes is my thing :) unfortunately they dont sell those in the £1 shops lol

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  12. epic night and epic headache to boot...

  13. 15c and sunny out there at the mo..Ahhhhh Yeah!!

  14. totally lacking motivation today

  15. swapped pancakes for chocolate and biscuits...MUCH better idea

  16. tra la la la triangle...

  17. just seen a mistle thrush in the garden, thats a new one!

    1. geminitracie


      i had a whole flock of reed buntings in mine today x

    2. gottolovethisweather


      some birds a birding, i like it. Next you will be sending your records to the BTO like me. What a geek I am.

    3. Tilly


      :) I was excited as we don't get much of a variety of birds here. @GLTW I'm called a geek frequently :-D
  18. has been sucked in by the Akinator....again

    1. bob_bruce


      Then again, it does beg the question of what you think I am implying?

    2. Alex95


      I'm not gonna even think about it...

    3. Tilly


      oh my haha. No bob..just no

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  19. down comes the rain....

    1. shotski


      and the temperature

    2. bob_bruce


      It's happened again

      The thunder & lightning

      Down came the rain

      We walked by the sea for a long, long time

      I knew somehow she was nearly mine

      The look in her eyes told me this

      But just as we stopped for a kiss

      Down came the rain

      It's happened again

      The thunder & lightning

      Down came the rain

      She whispered to me she would be my bride

      She'd always be standing by my side

      I'd come to the end o...

  20. serious chocolate emergency! sob :(

  21. what is this Valentines Day they speak of?

  22. wow that is some hardcore swear filter lol

    1. Aaron


      I feel sorry for the residents of Scun-thorpe

  23. so gutted about Whitney :( sad day

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