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  1. We was right at the edge of the cell as it developed. Still haven’t seen any lightning but was treated to some lovely deep rumbles and a sprinkling of rain. And I mean a sprinkling 😂Hopefully that’s not it and there’s more to come. Currently showing 28c here, feels much better than it has been. Blue sky about to take over again.
  2. Rumbling away here in Faversham. No lightning to be seen though and nothing being picked up on any lightning maps. No rain either ... which would be so so welcome right about now!
  3. Don’t worry I’ve got the faith. Ive just kept reading today how it will disappear as it reaches the coast....that will be mad if it does considering the size of it. I hung my washing out as a rain magnet anyway. Usually works lol!
  4. Is that little monster from France really going to disintegrate and fizzle to nothing as it reaches here??
  5. Morning all, much cooler here today in Faversham. 26.6c at the moment which is the coolest it’s been at this time for a days. Lots of cloud around too. It feels stormy but I don’t want to get my hopes up.
  6. We’re in the same boat ? we was only joking the other day how we couldn’t see non coeliacs buying the bread at £3.50 a loaf wasn’t we. Now look ? We’ve got 6 slices left in the freezer. Never ever usually have a problem buying GF things.
  7. Morning all, wishing all those that are unwell feel better soon! The panic buying is insane and is going to really negatively effect a lot of people. As a rule I don’t go into supermarkets as 1 of my Sons has severe autism and it’s just too much for him. He has to have a strict gluten free diet as he is intolerant and now I’m finding myself unable to get him the things we need, or even a delivery slot to get them delivered ??‍♀️ If I don’t give him the same things to eat he will simply just refuse to eat at all. ‘He’ll eat when he’s hungry’ doesn’t apply to him, he would starve
  8. I didn’t want advice, I was just interested. I’m not going anywhere. The only place I’d need to go is shopping and by the time I’d got my lot out of the door there would be nothing left anyway ? social distancing is 100% the norm for me! I was just interested to know that’s all ?
  9. Afternoon all, Question about Covid and the immune system, during and after pregnancy. My friend is pregnant and is now staying in for the next 12 weeks. Is this advice to protect the baby? And are pregnant women more likely to catch Covid due to the immune system being suppressed? what about people who have recently had a baby? I think it takes a few months for the immune system to get back to normal? Are they more at risk of catching Covid too?
  10. I think they probably know. The point is not to scare all under 60s into thinking they’re all going to die, not at all. but to make them aware that there is a risk, albeit small to themselves. A large majority of the young (and I’m talking my age bracket - 30’s) couldn’t give a damn as they think it’s just a cold, nothing to see here ??‍♀️Their attitude puts the vulnerable at risk. If they thought for a second they themselves might be at risk there would be a difference in behaviour amongst those with the blasé attitude. And it works both ways. A large majority of the elderly aren’t all that c
  11. What would be really helpful is the figures for those under 60 who have needed critical care. How many? and whether that have underlying conditions or not. It’s all very well saying the elderly are most at risk (no doubt they are) but people are really hanging on to the notion that it’s ‘just’ the elderly that this virus is affecting. Really though the younger people will get priority treatment over the elderly so they have a better chance of survival but we’re not really hearing about those. More elderly will also obviously die because of this. But I’d like to know, say for instance there was
  12. My daughters school have a great plan for when it snows and they would usually close. They stay open for children who’s parents are nurses, police, Doctors fireman etc and also those whose parents really can’t take time off work to look after them. This dramatically reduces the amount of kids at school from 230 ‘ish to around 20 kids. I wonder if they’ve considered something like this? My eldest Son in secondary said his form class was only half full by Friday last week as parents had kept their children at home. As for the governments latest ‘advice’ they’re really heavily assuming
  13. I think if it comes to it they might. I got a big loaf today and stuck half in the freezer. It’s 2 of my little boys who are the coeliacs so a little half loaf does them for a week. I was really worried their bits would all be gone as their intolerance is serious, but we’ll be alright for a while I think.
  14. I went on a mission for the baby milk and managed to find some. 5 tubs left on the shelf. I brought my usual 3 for the week and left the other 2. The other half wanted to buy them but I said no because I know there will now be another parent turn up at that shelf and be as relieved as I was that they can feed their baby for a bit longer. There was hardly any bread, no pasta at all, no tinned veg (tomatoes, sweet corn etc) no beans or tinned spaghetti etc, no eggs whatsoever, no toilet roll at all. Luckily the celiacs dont seem to be panic buying as we have 2 in our household and all
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