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  1. An absolutely beautiful morning - blue skies, some high cloud and the birds are singing! The sun is strong, although there's a notable chilly breeze. Currently 13.4 in my garden. I can't believe we're about to have a temperature drop of around 15 degrees - I'm a snow lover but come mid March, and especially on days like these, I'm looking for Spring to establish itself properly.
  2. Ditto at work in Greenhithe right now - everything is covered in a sheet of ice.
  3. Morning all. Just catching up on overnight posts - last I saw before going to bed was that last night's HIRLAM was the model that seemed to be on the money in terms of where the precip was falling in the SE, and where the French 'blob' was! Light snow again this morning, but I can't see much more coming up from France. Is it meant to intensify over the channel or do we think we'll get less than we first anticipated? Met Office changed from heavy snow to light snow for my area until 6pm, but I can't see where that's going to come from...
  4. I'm a bit confused as to which way the showers on the radar are heading - they've been heading East uo the Thames most of the day, have they now changed to a more SW'ly direction?
  5. I should have said NW Kent (although I know Tonbridge etc are currently under a shower). Maybe it's just my little locale that's mssing out then!
  6. The 3 hour radar here looks promising for SE London / N Kent (who are currently missing out on the Mid-Kent bonanza!) https://www.buienradar.nl/wereldwijd/europa/zoom/3uurs?lat=58.298&lon=-1.717
  7. I woke up to a covering where I live just outside of Orpington and have driven to Greenhithe where there is literally nothing!
  8. Location: Orpington Temp: 2.3c Dew point: -7C Wind: North Easterly
  9. I know, I was out this morning and in sheltered spots, the sun was lovely and warm and I've just been pottering in the garden, securing some plant fleeces - so strange to think that in a matter of hours, it's all change.
  10. It was - I'd just returned home from Manchester on the train and it began snowing hard as I arrived in Orpington on the Sunday evening - it settled very quickly and snowed pretty much all night and the following morning, for sure. That was probably the thickest snow I've seen in the 15 years I've lived here.
  11. I think mine was on a Sunday come to think of it - it was at Queen Mary's but a private company were operating the MRIs. Yes, I completely mid-read your post, so luckily Sunday should be no probs weather-wise for you (only stupidly cold!).
  12. I had an MRI at Sidcup, Tom - they gave me a folder with a list of music so that I could choose what I wanted to listen to inside the scanner! All the best for the scan, I have feeling your journey might take a little longer that it did this week.
  13. Agreed - for the past few days (and this morning when I last checked at 7.45am before leaving the house), both BBC weather and the Met Office had the rain holding off until early - mid afternoon - 10.15am it started here, while I was out and about. Couldn't have been more wrong.
  14. Yes, it's really dark (and purple!) - We've had everything over the past 12 hours apart from snow!
  15. Not Bexley, but it's been snowing steadily in Orpington for a couple of hours - the roads are slushy and it's accumulating slightly on fields, cars, roofs etc.
  16. I'm surprised we didn't get more snow - I know it was always going to be marginal for us, and our chances increased with every run yesterday but at my elevation (112m), it's usually a very sweet spot. Even now, it's just drizzle!
  17. Lights flickered twice here too - how strange that it's over such a large area.
  18. Not here, it isn't?! Very dark, temp 5 degrees and dew point 1 degree. Edit: Heavy rain / sleey mix now.
  19. I'm close to Biggin Hill, very elevated, and if there's anything around, we usually benefit being on the edge of the North Downs but we've not had any snow - in fact, nothing since March 2013!
  20. Very windy from abut 8pm last night but, as someone else noted, it wasn't as bad for us as the December 23rd 2013 storm. Hope everyone's roofs / trampolines / bins etc survived!
  21. Well that was a brief blast from the past - really lovely to see some old friendly faces. I stayed well out of the last round of upheaval but I need to state my opinion now, especially since the regional has been so thin on the ground on many occasions over the past few months. I really don't see the reasoning for deleting posts when valued members dare to venture back. I'm a menber of another weather forum that is dying a death, so when people actually want to come on and post, allbeit with a smattering of humour and daily life, it should be embraced. Nobody has learnt anything - it's very s
  22. Personally, I'm loving this weather - I'm seeing it as a bonus few weeks of not having to have the heating on constantly, of being able to get my washing dry without having to use the tumble dryer, without having to wear a coat - just a little respite before the winter truly sets in. It seems to me that most wintry spells this time of year are usually fairly short lived, so I'd much rather take advantage of what we have now and wait for a better set-up later on. I love cold and snowy weather but would rather wait until Jan / Feb when it's more likely to give us something meaningful! Until
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