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  1. 15 hours ago, Hotspur62 said:

    Told you a few weeks back you would need another cutūüėČ.Tbh that should be the final cut till Mid February but you never know in these uncertain times of GW.Has been a proper late Autumn day today with a slight frost this morning and then a pleasant few hours before the chill started coming back about 3.30.Tomorrow looks milder but the temperatures drop back to seasonal average as week progresses.Also looks like the SE won‚Äôt see too much rain which is a welcome relief.Let‚Äôs gear the ground colder and drier ready for the snow to arrive!!(ok being a bit optimistic on that one ūü§£).

    cant believe it is 10 years nearly since that incredible cold spell of late November into December !Lived in Chelsfield then and we had 17inchs of lying snow which is the most I have seen in my lifetime!Happy Days.

    Have a good week people

    Stay safeūüĎć

    I'm high up on the GSG, Chelsfield border - we can have lots of laying snow here and then half a mile down the bottom of the hill, nothing!

  2. 2 hours ago, TomSE12 said:

    Hi Angela,

    myself and my Wife, have said in the last few Days, we must think about investing in a more efficient Air Conditioning Unit, for future Summers.

    I've been struck in the past few Days, that a few BBC Forecasters have said we need to get used to these Summer Temperatures, as due to Climate change, this is what we have in store for us!! 

    Speaking of violent August T/Storms, they don't come more violent, than what occurred on Thurs. 6th August 1981.

    I was working in an Office in Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, at the time.

    Myself and my first Wife, were "house sitting" for some friends of ours, and looking after their German Shepherd.

    Three very active T/Storm Cells, struck the area between 9 AM and around Noon, that Day.

    Our friends lived in North Dulwich, and the Husband was Groundsman at Alleyn's School. It was around about a brisk 15 minute walk to my Office. I vividly remember it being very humid, and being "chased" to Work by peals of thunder, and a very angry, coppery looking sky. Just managed to get into my Office, before all "hell broke loose".

    Frequent lightning, gunshot Thunder and Monsoonal type Rain.

    This first Cell moved away and there was a brief lull, before another intense Cell passed over the area, and a repeat performance ensued. But these two Storms were just the Hors D'oeuvres, before the main event.

    There was another lull in proceedings, when a little before Noon, the light faded abruptly.

    The Sky became as black as Midnight. There then followed an eerie silence, except for the twittering of Birds.

    Thunder then started to be heard, and grew louder and louder, before the "Mother" of all T/Storms, erupted over our Heads. This final and most active Cell, of the three, eventually moved away.

    My Wife phoned me and told me that the entire Cricket Square, on the Sports Ground, was under water.

    A while later, I got back to the Sports Ground and found evidence for myself of the effects, of that violent event. 

    Below, are some images of the event, reproduced with the kind permission of Ian Currie, and taken from his Surrey County Weather Book:


    Above is the scene at Midday, on the A217 at Lower Kingswood.


    Above, near the Swan and Sugar Loaf Pub, in South Croydon, in the aftermath of the events of 6th August 1981. 

    Below, the archived 500mb Chart, at the time of the event.


    Dare I say it, not a lot different to how the Synoptic situation is Forecast to look like, over the next couple of Days:


    That's the end of, a very Thundery look down Memory Lane.


    Tom.  :hi:

    I remember this!! I was 4 - and sometimes, I think I dreamt about this day so I'm really glad you posted this Tom. I went to work with my grandad that day (we lived in Croydon at the time) and I remember vividly the sky going as dark as night - I was quite frightened, more by the darkness in the middle of the day than anything else. I only vaguely remember the actual storm. 

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  3. Well, I'm definitely flagging after 3 nights of very broken sleep. I was hoping for a nice storm last night but we had one rumble of thunder and a 25 second shower at about 6.30pm last night, then another couple of flashes and low rumbles with some rain at about 5am - that was the entent of it! When I left for work at 8am the heavens opened and looking at the radar, Orpington is going to be under a bit of a rain streamer for a little while with some lovely looking white echoes going on. 14 miles fo the north east at work, it's dry (with a foreboding sky).  Hoping for some sleep tonight!

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  4. 17 hours ago, Lauren said:

    All of this feels very cool in comparison to Vegas where I have just returned from. Gutted to have missed the storms whilst I was away so hopefully will get something over the next few days.

    Me too! Got back last week after 11 days  - I always enjoy the heat there without the humidity. I was really pleased to have missed the rain and flooding here!

  5. 6 minutes ago, Katrine Basso said:

    According to my weather station and along with the Met Office, Wunderground and the weather outlook all report that it is raining in Thurrock.  It is bone dry and there has not been a drop of rain yet.  I doubt that there will be thunder as there is no sight of the Nimbostratus clouds.

    Just started raining in Greenhithe, the other side of the crossing, so will be with you shortly!

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  6. 18 hours ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

    We were pegging hopes on some surface-based convection developing over Kent from sea breeze cÔĽŅonvergence and diurnal heating.

    Murk offa the North Sea hasn’t helped our cause but there’s still hope for some sporadic strikes embedded in the rainband.

    Gotta get what we can on this island

    I flew back from Germany over Belgium and up the Thames Estuary about 6pm last night - It was clear and very warm in Germany but we came in over some very moody looking Cumulonimbus over Belgium as the sun was going down. By the time we were over the channel, it was just thick, grey nastiness. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, lottiekent said:

    Second frost in 3 days here this morning after a low of -0.1c. Shame the forecast is for more cloud cover the next few days.

    And an odd coincidence - having just read the comments above regarding pollen, a hayfever warning due to moderate pollen counts just flashed up at the top of my phone. 

    Both my partner and my son are already suffering mildly so that’s them back in the meds’ for the season!


    Yes, coindidentally I got one from the MO on my phone too this morning, saying the pollen count was due to go from medium to high in the next few days ? 

  8. 1 hour ago, Lauren said:

    I'm surprised the pollen count is still low baring in mind the blossom out everywhere. I'm normally in full on hayfever mode when the pollen is out but nothing yet.

    Funny you should say that, as my hayfever usually kicks in around the end of May, beginning of June and this year I've been having symptoms on and off for the past few weeks - never have I ever had it so early in the year. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, EWS said:

    Very interesting re. the Broom shrub @TomSE12 - I take the 353 bus from Orpington to Hayes that goes through Keston and over the common so this is a familiar sight and I never knew the origin of Bromley's name. 

    I was born in Croydon in but we moved to the Kent coast when I was very young (I moved back up to SE London when I was 18, living in Woolwich, Charlton, Grove Park, Lewisham among other places before settling here).  My family are from the Bellingham / Lee Green / West Wickham / Beckenham areas, so whilst I can't place the church, I'll see if anyone recognises it! 

    Yes @TomSE12, you're right. My mum remembers the flooding very well (she was 16) and says she wouldn't be surprised if she was on that bus! Similar angle, from googlemaps:



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  10. 1 hour ago, TomSE12 said:

    I hope my fellow Bromleyites, in alphabetical order: abbie123, Biggin (Bromley/Croydon border?),EWS(Chelsfield,Orpington), Hotspur61 (Locksbottom), Scrat (Biggin Hill) and Snowbob (Biggin Hill/New Addington, Bromley/Croydon border), can help me out here. If I've left out any Bromley Members, I apologise, my memory's not quite what it was, now!! :nonono:

    The photo below shows the 119 bus route on its way from Bromley to Croydon. When I was working near East Croydon, I used to take this bus frequently from Bromley North, to my workplace. Colette and myself are convinced this photo was taken opposite St.Mark's Church, in Westmoreland Road. It then turns into Hayes Road, then into Hayes Lane, on its way to Croydon. The photo depicts the severe flooding that affected the area, in September, 1968. I was 12, at the time:


    So, if any of you Bromleyites (that I mentioned, above) can help me out and confirm that, the photo was taken opposite St.Mark's Church, in Westmoreland Road. Colette and myself, would really appreciate it. Thank you.



    Very interesting re. the Broom shrub @TomSE12 - I take the 353 bus from Orpington to Hayes that goes through Keston and over the common so this is a familiar sight and I never knew the origin of Bromley's name. 

    I was born in Croydon in but we moved to the Kent coast when I was very young (I moved back up to SE London when I was 18, living in Woolwich, Charlton, Grove Park, Lewisham among other places before settling here).  My family are from the Bellingham / Lee Green / West Wickham / Beckenham areas, so whilst I can't place the church, I'll see if anyone recognises it! 

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  11. 3 hours ago, CanadianCoops said:

    I admire anyone who cares for the elderly in care homes. As you say getting paid pittance to be the best possible carer you can be. 

    My grandad was moved into a care home yesterday as he’s 92 and been poorly lately and needed more round the clock care. I had a lovely dream about him last night in his new cosy room and he said he was happy.

    I woke up this morning to the sad news he passed away during his sleep. He was such a gentleman - the world’s lost another from the golden generation. I’ll be toasting a drink in honour of him tonight.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My grandad was 95 when he passed away a couple of years ago and you're right - the likes of him, we'll never see again. It's such a loss. Thinking of you. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    Up very early with my Wife, before she set off for her early morning shift, at a Residential Care Home, in Chislehurst.

    It's a very special day for myself and Colette, it's our 9th Wedding Anniversary.


    Happy anniversary, Tom & Colette - I hope you have a lovely day!

    I went out for an early morning walk - it was 2C when I left, beautiful sunshie and blue sky, and I managed to slip quite badly on some ice walking down a steep pavement. If you're a klutz like me, please be careful this morning! 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Lauren said:

    I'd be genuinely interested to know here who is ready for winter to be over and who isn't.

    Raise your hand for winter to be over, thumbs down for winter to stay.

    Raising my hand! I love Wintry weather from November through to February but with the high pressure bringing us milder weather and some glorious sunshine this week, I'm ready for Spring. I'd be a bit gutted now if the weather was to turn colder again now - last Winter was so long, and took us well into April and although I enjoyed the BFTE 2018, I'm ready for the longer evenings and milder days now. 10c and sunny here this afternoon.

  14. Usually we do so well for snow due to elevation and location right on the very outside edge of the North Downs - not last night! I went to bed around 10.30 having watched the lovely yellow blob losing some of its intensity as it pivoted toward me. I woke up a few times in the night and forced myself not to get out of bed and look out the window! Clearly we did have some snow overnight, but it had already started melting by 7am and really wasn't anything to write home about. Another heavy snow snower on my way to work on the A21, just before junction 4 of the M25 but was falling as sleety rain on the M25 itself. 

    Still hopeful that Feb might bring us a nice Easterly which seems to be better for my location. Very happy for those who had a decent amount overnight, have loved seeing the photos so far. Enjoy! 

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  15. Update from Southeastern


    Update: Winter Weather Timetable on Friday 1 February


    As promised, we’re emailing to update you on the timetable we plan to run this week. 

    We’ll run our Winter Weather Timetable on Friday 1st February, as bad weather is forecast. Train times will be different and Peak services will be busier, so please travel earlier or later to avoid the busiest trains.

    Snow is expected to start falling from Thursday evening, so travel earlier if you can to avoid the winter weather.

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