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  1. Spotted on the car at 8am this morning! Are they tiny bits of graupel?
  2. Wow, I can't believe I'm watching snow fall on November 20th! Looking at the radar, looks like a nice Thames streamer set-up?
  3. Thunder and more torrential rain here in Orpington. Temp 12 degrees.
  4. Agreed, that is interesting - I had terrible hayfever this year that lasted longer than normal (although OK for 10 days in Crete!). It's been better since late July, but I've woken up today with a blocked nose that I can tell isn't illness - I think it's my sinuses. I would never have linked this to the weather!
  5. I meant to reply but cleverly sent a sticky note by mistake - didn't even know that functionality existed! Anyway, I was only thinking that our garden had turned from yellow to mostly green in about 5 days!
  6. We've already had a few large branches of a flowing buddleia bush come down - I thought it had been struck by lighening but think it must have just been the wind
  7. Same here! Some very light blue echoes close to me on the radar, but nothing that looks threatening. However the sky is very dark and we've had a few deep rumbles.
  8. Half an hour ago we had what looked on the radar like a serious downpour pretty much right over us - and still nothing! Max temp of 33 today, so about 1 degree down from yesterday. Now 31. Not sure whether the Surrey rain is coming for us in North Kent of whether we'll get our own home-grown cells popping up....
  9. Overcast and humid all morning here after the best lightning display I've ever seen last night (with monsoon-like rain)! Gradually brightened up this afternoon, with the sun burning off the cloud by about 4pm. Beautiful blue sky now, but with some impressive cloud building about half an hour ago.
  10. We had quite a full-on storm about 2.20am that lasted about 30 minutes then some random flashes of lightning and rubles of thunder every 10 mins or so as it edged away towards 3am. I didn't get up as I'm ill, but the lightning looked particularly bright - I'm sure it would have been amazing to see.
  11. Yes, this is where I'm from, near Birchington. Very sad.
  12. Oh Tom, I know that hill well, I only live a couple of minutes away - it's a steep one! (The R11 bus takes you up the hill to the front door of the hospital) Bored with this chilly weather now, very much looking for some warmth!
  13. As a child, I remember having quite deep, laying snow about 3-4 miles inland from Deal a few times - enough for the schools to close. This was in the 80's though!
  14. An absolutely beautiful morning - blue skies, some high cloud and the birds are singing! The sun is strong, although there's a notable chilly breeze. Currently 13.4 in my garden. I can't believe we're about to have a temperature drop of around 15 degrees - I'm a snow lover but come mid March, and especially on days like these, I'm looking for Spring to establish itself properly.