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  1. And in theory it should be around 87.9 per litre as of yesterday .why aint they reducing it ,given a 12% fall in the last week per barrel
  2. On authority it was a supercell had the classic flying eagle shape on radar. From here in aylesbury it was a spectacle to behold and guess I won't see many like that if at all again in my lifetime awaiting raw video from a friend of a friend .hail was in excess of 3 cm in Tingewick , BUckingham
  3. Without any doubt Lincolnshire for the very best action.....and that area of the north sea that has absolutely no problem when it comes to storms
  4. Problem is THEY are always right in that area .just can't get my head around how they have absolutely no problem crossing the north sea yet even the short 26 miles (shortest point)hop across the channel kills them .staggeringly unbelievable
  5. I note the north sea has no problem sustaining storms again....I honestly give up Aylesbury Bucks
  6. Well the old saying if anything can go wrong it usually does when it comes to thunderstorms in the se .something has happened in the last 15 years that prevents imports .I remember the 70's and 80's and the allnighters and the customary 4am wake up calls .thank god I have them memories coz I would of gone nuts by now........
  7. Cheers fella interesting times I feel .though one would expect the real biggies in a few weeks time .a repeat of 07/06/1996 would satisfy me for another 10 years.lol Aylesbury Bucks
  8. that's my thinking aswell either that or they are all up north or in northern ireland.AylesburyBucks
  9. Indeed very foggy outside can't see more than 4 streetlights ahead so I think that's 120 meters. Take care .slow down.
  10. Shocking .108 mph on southcoast met office. Wakey wakey .no red warning .sorry 109mph higher than anything on Wednesday .
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