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  1. Waiting for the bus this morning in shorts (long story), definitely felt the cold... Maybe I'm getting old!
  2. That heavy rain looks like its practicing for the M4 corridor snow in winter...
  3. First night of the summer with the rubbish air cooling fan (supposed to be like air con - it's not...). Window open and woke to very heavy rain. Still feels very muggy.
  4. I was amazed by how little rain we got in Bath and Warminster yesterday. The radar looked like it would be a drenching, but the forcasts (especially the high res) suggested we would see very little and were right. I'm just glad it wasn't snow...
  5. What a nice weekend! Saturday looked like being grey, but the sun came out and gave a nice afternoon for cricket. Yesterday a glorious blue sky start with a walk on the hills and then some gardening. Lovely. Feels like we are finally on track to summer...
  6. Definite snow in bursts on the hill at Bath Uni this morning, not just horrible wet, cold rain!
  7. Chilly this morning - -0.4 and needed to scrape the ice... Looks set to be another glorious day.
  8. As ever its very subjective, but for me one great snowfall makes a winter special, and so this event has made winter 18-19 a good one, irrespective of anything else that happens. I know the background signals have all looked good, and the long range forecasts have not really reached t=0, but its wise to remember that they are probabilistic - and just our luck that the more likely options haven't worked out for us. I've chosen the following picture as my new desktop, to remind me off three classic winter days of snow, long wintry walks and drifts (Temp -10.5 deg C, about 8.00 am on sunday 3rd)
  9. Back in 2010 (Dec) we had -15. Same set up as last night with good snow cover, no wind and clear skies. I surprised a fellow dog walker with just how cold it was this morning. In a sense she was right as it didn't feel that cold ( no wind, sun just coming up), but the thermometer doesn't lie.
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