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  1. As suggested in the story this is not a triple rainbow - it should be three concentric rings. This looks more like a reflection for the 'third' rainbow (not sure in what) of the other side.
  2. Genuinely don't know what to do! What is this stuff coming from the sky! I know it's only Aug 16th but with the switch away from the long dry hot weather to more normal summer it almost feels like autumn has come... The wife will want the heating on soon!
  3. I got back to Warminster around 4 ish and it was mostly dry until the outskirts. Driving into the middle I couldn't believe how wet it was. I go soaked going 2 m from car to door, and the dog did not want to go out. Oddly quite a lot of the lawns in town are still very dry - I suspect an awful lot of the rain ran straight off. My allotment did get a good drink though, so I've finally been able to ease off on the watering!
  4. Lovely to actually feel 'a bit cold' last night walking the dog...
  5. My allotment is desperate for a good drop of rain, so I'm hoping for later today...
  6. True - but I appear to be in the middle of the white bit!
  7. So shorts on in the office today after checking the BBC - cloud will be gone by 9.00 am... Still not gone yet! I think it's finally starting to make it!
  8. Slightly alarmed this morning by a bright glowing thing in the east...
  9. Steady - lets not get carried away! My father refers to 'Warminster Dress', which is wearing shorts, usually with jumpers and hats, at all times of the year. I nearly reached for the shorts yesterday!
  10. Having spent 4 hours in the allotment/garden yesterday, just a week on from 6 inches of snow on the ground, I'm completely into spring mode now (plus a cricket meeting tonight too!). No-one loves snow more than me, and I was surprised by how cold and snowy both March spells were for us, with the lead up to and then thurs and fri of Beast One among the best ever snow memories I've got. That said, the sun is shining, the clocks have changed and roll on evening walks, and sitting on my garden wall as the sun goes down.
  11. Watched one over the allotments in Warminster yesterday around lunchtime. The A36 valley is a bit of a hot spot for them too,
  12. I saw that too. Really rubbish graphics then - totally indistinguishable from snow showers. And don't get me started on cloud vs sunny. After the previous change (tilted UK so Scotland looked tiny) they responded pretty quickly and made the angle less severe. Any chance they might respond to this?
  13. Not sure when it came down (#crucial - is today another day of snow?). Yes - I did enjoy seeing that. Some good drifts in the same places as two weeks ago on the way to Bath. I saw some forming out on a walk yesterday morning, so if it had stayed colder longer could have been good, Cannot complain though - three weeks ago, spring was round the corner, little settled snow imby, another winter done and then...
  14. "Latest weather forecast for Grizzly weekend Well, Grizzly weekend is almost upon us and if you have been following the weather forecast, you’ll be aware that it’s looking chilly for race day. The Met Office currently has light snow forecast until early afternoon on race day, with a temperature of around zero and a wind chill of -5 to -7. Please obviously be prepared for some tough weather and course conditions (especially given the overnight rain that we have had). Bring layers, plenty of food and drink and wear appropriate footwear. A useful guide as to kit requirements can be found in the rules for the fell running association (www.fellrunner.org.uk) – the Grizzly isn’t bound by these rules but they are a useful guide for what to wear and bring along with you for a multi-terrain endurance race such as this. Take care and we look forward to seeing you over the weekend." - from the website!