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  1. Genuinely one of my favourite ever experiences was running in Dec 2010 just before Christmas. I ran in the woods near Longleat and it was amazing. About 3-4 inches of soft, virgin, snow, no-one around. I ran with shorts, T-shirt, but had a hat and gloves too. I find in snow its best to avoid compressed areas where it is more prone to have gone solid and turned icy, so heading off-road is probably the best bet.
  2. You get them back when you admit you've got a problem...
  3. I'm not as sure - I've loved snow all my life and I remember many, many winters from the end of the 80's on that failed to deliver (mainly thinking south, specifically Wiltshire). It's very tempting to link warmed temperatures to making now more marginal, but the rise is dwarfed by the variation within a day. I also tend to think our memories deceive us.
  4. Including four successive Saturdays... Just hope this means dry Saturdays for the cricket season...
  5. Definitely! Just enough lying snow to call it lying snow this morning...
  6. Random - just had a military chinook low flying over the University... Something going on I need to know about?
  7. Good point! I love a cold period (hard frosts and cold days - preferably either snowy or blue skies). It also helps kill the garden/allotment pests...
  8. Looks like we've reached a pause - the cold looks nailed on, but we're still a bit far out for confidence in snowfall, small features tend to pop up at short notice and there is still uncertainty about how far east the front will reach on Tuesday, and how much precipitation it will produce. I won't be getting my sledge out just yet...
  9. I totally understand the caution - I like to warn wife and friends a bit ahead of MET/BBC of possibly snow and cold weather, but I'm always loath to do it too early. We have had some tantalising output this winter, much more so than in recent years, and for most of us in the South it's not really delivered. However I do think that this time it is different. We have reached the much closer timescale for looking at the charts (Tuesday's potential now only 120 hours out, not 168 or more). There is also a high level of cross model agreement, with only minor differences. Of course all the runs are just possibilities, and from a pessimist there is always the fear that the downgrade will come. Time will tell, but I am much more hopeful this time than I have been since probably Jan 2013.
  10. Might not be an official term but I reckon I am becoming an expert this winter... Two Sundays ago springs to mind!
  11. Very amusing, but be careful - he might sue for changing his words...
  12. Do I detect a dry Jan? Will the first drink be 12.01 am on the 1st Feb?
  13. Down at -3.1 for me - lovely start to the day...
  14. Yep - popped across for a coffee and told colleague it was about to chuck it down, and then it came! Like being in a car wash!