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  1. Indeed - the mother in law on Hayling has been banging on about how dry its been all summer, yet in sunny Wilts we've had more than enough rain.
  2. And I may have been imagining it but Cley Hill marginally whiter on top... ?
  3. Well I'm keen at least... If I do see any snowfall it will be I think the 3rd time this winter, any settling will be the second (very brief event way back).
  4. Is no-one else excited by the prospect of some wintriness in the next couple of days? I know we are not expecting the beast, but latest Euro 4 suggests temporary accumulation if nothing else for quite a few in the SW weather model euro4 h model - united kingdom - snow accu. [base + 28] | weatheronline WWW.WEATHERONLINE.CO.UK Weather for UK, Ireland and the world. Sailing, Marine Weather, Weather maps, radar, satellite, climate, historic weather data, information about meteorology...
  5. Waiting for the bus this morning in shorts (long story), definitely felt the cold... Maybe I'm getting old!
  6. That heavy rain looks like its practicing for the M4 corridor snow in winter...
  7. First night of the summer with the rubbish air cooling fan (supposed to be like air con - it's not...). Window open and woke to very heavy rain. Still feels very muggy.
  8. I was amazed by how little rain we got in Bath and Warminster yesterday. The radar looked like it would be a drenching, but the forcasts (especially the high res) suggested we would see very little and were right. I'm just glad it wasn't snow...
  9. What a nice weekend! Saturday looked like being grey, but the sun came out and gave a nice afternoon for cricket. Yesterday a glorious blue sky start with a walk on the hills and then some gardening. Lovely. Feels like we are finally on track to summer...
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