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  1. Yep it got close! A couple of images from the video I took with my iPhone...
  2. Getting closer here now, some deep booms!!
  3. Pressure must be dropping, my nerve pain has been getting worse all afternoon, not has pain for such a long time... Although looking at the chart the storms are slowing up and fizzling out!
  4. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? But for tonight a lovely sunset, the calm before the storm...
  5. No problem I can hear distant rumbles now!!! Shame I'm working in the morning...
  6. Go just past Beachy Head Pub several car parks facing Seaford, execellent location!
  7. Yep, woken by heavy rain shortly after 7am then heard thunder in the distance a short time later!
  8. Interesting night last night, heavy hail just before midnight meant the roads were covered! Then a close lightning strike just after midnight...
  9. Just started to see large snowflakes here now!!!
  10. Think we should have had a severe weather warning for rain! It hasn't stopped raining in hours, roads flooding and the drains are like mini fountains...
  11. Hoping all those in the less sturdy locations stay safe, not to mention those who have to work tonight in the emergency services outside, utilities or transport networks.
  12. Had a few loud rumbles here but could see the lightning in the distance for some time about half an hour ago.