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  1. Hi all. Not sure what the radar showing but I can confirm it's snowing in Ashbocking, Suffolk (N of Ipswich) Pretty big flakes and when the wind blows looks quite heavy. its definitely more than a few flakes in the wind anyway. Still a bit of frost on the ground but can't see it settling or lasting very long. I feel very honoured though I must say! Met had me down for heavy snow for this period last night, then changed it to light snow, then this morning to sleet...guess it will turn back to sleet if it carries on as temps rise. Good luck to you all Oh. Its stopped! Haha .Still... feel ver
  2. http://aroundaworld.net/shot-of-20-meters-of-snow-wall-in-tateyama-kurobe-alpine-route-toyama-japan/ a boy can dream
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