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  1. Hoping for a much drier day tomorrow so I can go out and enjoy the fresh air before going back to work on Monday!
  2. A few sharp heavy showers here this afternoon. Went for a walk this morning and you have to try and dodge all the showers, really frustrating! What an awful June so far!
  3. Rains quite heavy here now, has been for a good hour or so. Think it might be this for much of the night now!
  4. Walsall Golf Club had received 30mm of rain today by 8.30pm. 76mm for the month. Ridiculous!
  5. Morning. As someone else said, it feels like Autumn today! Patchy rain here now and think the worst, heavier prolonged rain is just north of us.
  6. Been expecting some heavy rain here today but we've had hardly anything. Didn't even start raining until half five this afternoon! Now just spitting slightly.
  7. England go out of the World Cup... the sun disappeares, replaced with grey cloud... And as I sit outside I start feeling the odd drop of rain on me!
  8. Hi all. Really heavy shower here at the moment in WS3. Water gushing down the road, similar to last weeks when we had floods. I trust this wont be sticking around though!
  9. A lot less humid than the last two days but nothing else to report here... just these greyish/white skies all day!
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