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  1. Expected a really grim day here compared to the rest of the week so far, but I was pleasantly surprised after this mornings rain. Brightened up and was nice enough for an afternoon walk. Lets hope tomorrow can surprise too... although I very much doubt it!
  2. What a month that was. I had just moved back to Birmingham into a property that still had single glazed windows! Not ideal!
  3. Had a lovely walk this morning in the fog. Would have preferred a bit of ice as well rather than slight miserable drizzle but still!
  4. Hope everyone's had a good weekend, glad the weather hasn't been too bad. Pretty much just grey, a bit cold but at least mostly dry!
  5. Hi guys. Checked my wildlife camera down at the secluded part of the garden tonight to be pleasantly surprised by this ☺️ Apologies for the quality, I have zoomed in and screenshot!
  6. Decided to move the camera to the very bottom of the garden in the more secluded bit to have a better view of my favourite visitors :)
  7. Another day where heavy thundery showers were involved. It had turned into a nice day up until about 4pm and then it got dark, the winds picked up and then the thunder, lightening and heavy rains followed for about an hour and a half. Yesterday evening produced some of the heaviest and stormiest weather I'd ever witnessed here and I wasn't surprised that getting into work today I found that it had flooded overnight as many parts of the area did for a brief time. Lets hope tomorrow morning doesn't quite bring that.
  8. WOW! What a storm we have had here! Never seen anything like it. We had heavy rain, strong winds and hail for a time. The worst had gone and it died down but the thunder and lightening stayed. Heavy and persistent rain now which is beginning to flood the street. Unbelievable!
  9. Had a short but sharp stormy spell last night in Walsall a long with some very heavy rain, again for a short spell. Love a good storm and so although it didn’t last too long it was great to see! Apologies for the quality, I recorded it on my phone and just screenshot the fork!
  10. Wish I hadn't seen this as I now look outside the window to see grey clouds and drizzle ? Great pic!
  11. Thanks! It was a huge shock to have the squirrel up this close, it's normally just running in and out of mine and the neighbours garden! Not for long with all this rain! ?
  12. Great photo. I've just recently set up a camera in the garden, would love to catch one of these on there ?
  13. I think someone has discovered the camera!
  14. Light rain for most of the day. After feeling like the height of summer for a week or so it now feels like a grey October day. Much needed, but lets hope it isn't around for too long!
  15. Just been for an evening walk along the canal. Lovely evening, just the right temperature for a stroll. We have been so lucky with this weather. Every single walk has been really enjoyable.
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