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  1. Cant believe it is mid october getting dark and its 20.2c outside incredible !!
  2. 30.8c on the vantage vue in the garden low humidity. 30.1c on the roof at work in broadstone.
  3. Showers in the channel, the high levels of mid-level instabilty should develop these quickly.........
  4. Yes same here in creekmoor rain to snow !!!
  5. Temps at 850 are on there way down now but i would imagine we will need to get to -1 / -2c to ensure the milder air gets mixed out for the rain to snow although here its ice pellets now so maybe we are on the way back to snow..........
  6. Morning, when i was in Poland last week i found this useful radar which shows the wintry weather across the whole of Europe may be of use !! https://meteoserwis24.pl/radary-opadow/
  7. Looks better for the south coast with winds off the English Channel, lake effect for us south coasters!!!
  8. -1.5 here dp -2 if it rains its going to be a ice rink out there.
  9. Yes looking convective between 6am and 9am tomorrow as cold front moves through lifted index -2 and good lapse rates strong winds too 60mph gusts possible here on the coast.
  10. Radar showing some light percipitation over Purbeck hills its -0.4c here.
  11. Looks some convective activity moving east tomorrow morning tied in with Destabilising of the current warm air one to watch.