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  1. 400ft up on the Purbeck hills this afternoon between Durlston and Dancing Ledge, dry nothing falling from the sky, bitter wind still some ice pockets thawing out now!!
  2. Drove from Poole to Shaftsbury surprising the amount of snow in places before Blandford, around 5cm on the higher blandford road further towards shaftsbury, we stopped at view point near compton Abbas 228m there was a good covering.
  3. Not as much as Dorsetbred but an impressive and unexpected 36.6mm the roads were awful earlier.
  4. Lower max today 31.3c @ 1615, currently 23.8c compared to 27c yesterday same time, slight breeze.
  5. 32.7c max @ 450pm Incredible heat for the coast, it’s going to be a warm night perhaps not below 20c...
  6. It looks like the medium to high level cloud steer is from the south so we may ok...
  7. 29.1c here just to the North of Poole, satellite shows this cloud may clear soon.....
  8. Intense hailstorm here, you can see this on the latest radar image, narrow band from the south.
  9. Lots of wind related incidents across Dorset this morning B’mth echo has all the details.
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