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  1. Lots of wind related incidents across Dorset this morning B’mth echo has all the details.
  2. Early Fog, clear blue skies now warming up 21c, looks like a corker of day for a Bank Holiday. satellite loopshows the mist/fog burning off quickly.
  3. Very windy here in Perranporth sand is blowing everywhere, we are around the 20c mark.
  4. Travelled to Lodz today left London cloudy 10c arrived to 27c @ 10am, it’s now 33c clear blue skies, gentle breeze looks like it will go bang tomorrow some serious energy to be released cape values through the roof!!
  5. Currently in the centre of Poland Lodz for Christmas, 2c temp, 0.6c dew, bits and pieces of rain/ snow in the air.
  6. Hi seasonality, which weather radar, satellite and forecast tools do you use in Poland ?
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