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  1. The way the BBC are discussing Cyclone Pam is laughable. Saying that it is in the top 5 strongest tropical storms anywhere on the planet in recorded history, and trying to make it sound as strong as Super Typhoon Tip by comparing Pam's gust speeds to Tip's sustained speeds! I thought the BBC were better than that

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    2. tropicbreeze


      It's just media hype. People want entertainment. Reporters provide it. There's no other way to compete with the "sports pages". It's not just the BBC.

    3. IanR


      I can understand them trying to dramatise events like this to make people watch, but its their implying its all to do with climate change, its biased, misleading, unscientific dumbing down

    4. Sainsbo


      I understand they want to hype it up to get more coverage, but blatant lying about facts in order to do so is low even for the BBC

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