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  1. Not a forecast you see every day - For the next 3 days, starting from tomorrow, the Met Office forecast daily maxima at Heathrow is within 2C of the all time temperature record.
  2. Met Office forecast for Reading was 27C at 12:00 - Currently it's 31.0C at the University observatory. Could push 35C. Should note though that BBC had Reading at 30C at 12:00 and only predict a high of 34C. Interesting to see the differences in how the heat builds.
  3. If the 03z UKV verifies around the Reading area then the July record of 35.3 is likely to go on Thursday, maybe even the all time record of 36.4C. Only 18C currently - Think I better try and cool the house down whilst I still can!
  4. Swindon has been hammered over the past few hours and no sign of it letting up just yet. Already ~15cm of snow with potentially another couple to go on top of that. Not bad, given a Met Office yellow warning for 1-3cm with 5-10cm locally on higher ground. ?
  5. Unless the precip dies out as it goes inland it looks like we could get a good few cm's in Reading this evening. Very light snow here at the moment, as it has been all afternoon.
  6. Most of the models had the swing north happening sometime between 1500 and 1600, though given the eastward extent of the precip compared to some of the models it would probably need to make the turn slightly earlier if the negligible snow depths are to verify. Next hour should tell us a lot!
  7. Even the AROME with it's very high resolution is doing a poor job at representing areas of precip compared to what we can see on the radar. Models are now pretty useless, just need to watch and see if the precip starts moving more northerly as modelled, or if it continues to have an eastwards component for a little while longer.
  8. Looks like the amber warning zone has been moved further west if anything Not necessarily a downgrade, just an increase in certainty regarding that heaviest snowfall. I'm sure a few could still get lucky throughout the day and evening, even if the worst of it will almost certainly be in the west.
  9. ARPEGE takes heavier snowfall much further east on the 18z. A ridiculous amount of uncertainty given we're at 24 hours. It's going to come down to radar watching and now casting as usual it seems.
  10. 18z HIRLAM looks to have corrected westwards, still somewhat better for the home counties than the WRF but a downgrade in terms of snow potential for sure.
  11. ARPEGE is also pretty similar to the HIRLAM for the home counties. I'm sure MetO will review their warnings for the event tonight/tomorrow morning, will be interesting to see if there's any extension of the amber warning eastwards.
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