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  1. Looks like it's time to test out the power of prayer. Metoffice and XCWeather are lagging behind in their wind speed predictions for Stornoway, with some very tame figures.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll just google PV before I fling myself under the nearest steamroller
  3. BuriedUnderSnow, I feared you'd say that. Now, you obviously know your weather, and I'm a weather numpty : Would I be right in thinking that we've been getting these non-stop lows for weeks on end because they're not blowing away east over Norway, but instead seem to be stalling over the Faroes for some reason then circling around each other in the north Atlantic drawing in yet more lows ? If so, what's causing this. Has something changed or "gone wrong" ?
  4. 18z is indeed horrific. It seems to be becoming slightly more 'U' shaped than 'V' shaped, so I guess that means a belt of stronger winds around the 'nucleus'. Looks like it won't clear Shetland until Thursday. Then the next system moves in on Friday.... Please, does anyone know or want to hazard a guess when we're going to get some settled weather ?
  5. Milkmaid, it's always best to be prepared. And I certainly wouldn't like to be in Donegal on Tuesday morning. But I'm in the 'not that bad' camp at the moment, looking at Meteociel's 06Z GFS Europe run. Last wednesday/thurdays blast worried me more, and unless those isobars tighten up on the charts before tuesday, I'm already more concerned about the possibility of next Friday/Saturday being nasty.
  6. Ouch ! Hope that's not Stornoway Tesco's food delivery for monday in the ditch...
  7. Hmmm.... that big cyclops thing on meteociel just now for monday / tuesday doesn't look any more tightly packed than some of the lows we've had here in the past month, such as last midweek or late november.... only bigger and thus "spreadin' the love" across a larger area, perhaps ?
  8. Never known a month of such f*****g awful weather in all my life. Everyone on this island is bloody sick of it. Low after low. Day after day of 60+ mph gusts. And now a massive thunderstorm this morning, When will it end ?
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