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  1. Where are you Ben? My parents messaged me to say they had an overhead clap of thunder just before 7. They're near Burghfield, south of Reading
  2. It has gone nuts in Rovinj: http://www.whatsupcams.com/en/webcams/croatia/istria/rovinj/rovinj-panorama-city/
  3. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/emilia-romagna/parma/piazza-garibaldi.html Any minute now... storm incoming according to Lightningmaps.
  4. Late report from us as our WiFi has been down for a week and we haven't been able to upload video. This was filmed looking south west from Marlow at about 5pm so may be the same cloud?
  5. Morning everyone! We don't post very often (I aim to change that this year) but the Hastings webcam may be about to give us a show. Nothing here in Marlow at the moment but we should have some reports tomorrow and / or Monday. https://www.beaming.co.uk/company/hastings-pier-webcam/
  6. While I am here thought I might see what folks think about this. It was a thundery cell (not really a storm!) over Marlow about two weeks ago. I had decided to record it as it passed over and recorded the audio as it did so then edited them together. First is the short version: Long version: I welcome thoughts on if this was indeed a funnel or an optical illusion with the inflow.
  7. Here is my view of a cloud over Basingstoke from Marlow! 11-08-2014
  8. Best thunder I have witnessed since 1998 in Bracknell. Made my summer this has!
  9. Well we just had some really nice close strikes in Marlow, Bucks, the closest I have witnessed in a very long time. Once hail and rain finished ( again not seen hail like this in years) I went outside with a camera and what did I spot... Yep a nice long funnel looking north from Marlow. Also got a nice recording of part of the cell as I had rigged the shed with microphones and a recorder!
  10. I can't believe that shot won a major landscape compo, it is truly hideous. Landscape photography is about the wonders of nature (unless it is urban) the secret to HDR is creating an image that is not so obvious... Far too much tweaking here... I have been talking about it day to other photogs.. A little goes along way...
  11. They look like water droplets on a CDR to me.... Great idea too. Awesome shots..
  12. Very nice shot... If you click on the small image that you can see, it becomes large ;< )
  13. The Seal pics load quite slowly for me, so I only saw one when I posted. they are excellent shots.. Tried Donna nook a couple of years ago and got tere too early and on a weekend! Oh well.. try again for me. Neilsouth, I see what you mean LOL, great funny pic!
  14. Fantastic photos being posted. So I thought I would share some of mine..
  15. Some superbly taken photos above,it is nice to see them. Here are a few from me. Camber Sands. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounds-and-images/3414432935/ Dungeness http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounds-and-images/3409273807/ Marlow on the Thames http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounds-and-images/3346743301/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounds-and-images/3215920160/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounds-and-images/3255775826/
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