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  1. Showers seem to be missing our neck of the woods in Telford. Not had a drop of rain during the last 2 days despite been in the yellow warning zone. Just shows has hit and miss they are, Shrewsbuy has been battered this afternoon, it looked torrential! Also saw the showers developing over Wolvo/Brum on the radar.
  2. TF1 and not a sausage, there has been distant rumbles, it has gone dark here again but just rain, even my 5 year old said this is rubbish. He was in the garden with me and got very impatient kept saying why is the thunder not coming, i said even the storm's dont want to come to Telford!
  3. Had distant rumbles but as soon as anything comes with in 10 miles it dies a death! Lookes promising half hour ago but just had the heavy rain. I have no idea why!
  4. Disappointing here in Telford, the main band early this morning fizzled out by the time it got close, then round 2 misses to the west! Sun is attempting to break through now so hopefully it will dry up and i can have a BBQ later.
  5. Well Shrewsbury has done well, Telford's storm sheild is still powered up lol!
  6. Still snowing here in Telford, roughly 7 inches on top of the wheely bins and more like 10 in the back garden on the grass! Couple of pictures from my venture to the shop!
  7. nothing here! Really am starting to think it is going to take a miracle to get anything around here! 13 months without hearing any thunder is diabolical! Not even a thundery shower like some of the Black country had today! Everything seem to break up as soon as it approaches be it from the southwest or the northeast, i watch in amazement as it spiits then magically forms together 30 miles away! There has to be some reason, it cant just be bad luck anymore! Thats my rant over. Roll on tomorrow, off to Skegness to soak up the rain for the week........
  8. Not while i live in Telford! It is up there as one of the least stormy places to live in the uk! 13 months since i last heard thunder around here!
  9. That is shocking! You can see the evidence right there of the midland storm shield... But seriously we have been really unlucky!
  10. Why does it not surprise me that our area has missed out AGAIN! I really would not be surprised if you could find a year to date lightning strikes that you would see the shape of the Midlands. I must have subconsciously thought it would be a bust because i watered my new grass last night.... The wife said its going to rain tonight, i just laughed and said when ever the met office stick a warning out for our area its a jinx.. Oh well 14 months and counting since the last time i heard thunder in this area!
  11. I feel your pain, Telford is A LOT like that! Last storm of note was July 2015. Then i had a couple of rumbles in May 2016 but that is it! So it has been a full year since i have had a storm!
  12. Oh dear, this forum just shows the amount of non weather that happens here! Storm potential fizzled out into some nice looking clouds.... what is it going to take to get a storm around here, who do we need to sacrifice to the thunder god lol! Its times like this i miss Conor lol!
  13. Shropshire says hi! Not heard any thunder for just over a year now. Last time was in Blackpool last year in June! This year so far has been disappointing to say the least, with a hot spell you normally get a breakdown! Come back the 80s we used to get storm's then lol!!!
  14. I have a feeling that i Will still be here come tomorrow morning. It has been over a year since i last heard any thunder and close on 2 years since the last overhead storm!
  15. Yep, today has been poor, we had a brief 5 minute shower this morning then it cleared up nicely for about an hour. Then the clouds started rolling in. No rain or no thunder. The SW got pondered and now the NE, there must be a huge shield around the area!
  16. I think its going to be a long summer! I fully expect 80% of the country will have seen some thing come the end of this weekend, meanwhile in Shropshire and Crewe we will be still waiting for our 1st storm since.... yeah it has been that long!
  17. I should have guessed really this area really is cursed when it comes to storms. I was hoping for some meaningful rain for the garden and a storm to keep me entertained with a very wide awake 7 month old who has been awake since 4:30!
  18. The rain band is losing its intensity, i will be lucky to see 5 minutes rain out of this!
  19. Well that was fun! The ground is completely covered in, rain! We had some snow this morning which never even looked like sticking then it turned to rain. I would not mind but it just seems to be a recurring issue now, the majority of the midlands have seen at least one day of lying snow, we had about an hour of it last month, it had gone my 10AM!
  20. It is snowing in Telford but it is not sticking! Work that out!
  21. Woke up around 4 last night to feed the 3 month old and there was no snow on the ground here. Just plain old rain falling now. Pretty uninspiring cold spell. A suger dusting of snow that got washed away by 10:30 yesterday! Shropshire really has become so dull to live weather wise! Storms are rarer then rocking horse poo and snow is something we use to get pretty regular here but now its about as rare as a Gabby Agbonlahor goal ( yes to compound the misery i am a Villa fan lol!!)
  22. My 3 year old was so excited this morning taking him to nursery, he said can we play in it later, finishes at 11:30, i said we will see. Poor lad is going to be gutted. Its the 1st snow that he has seen. Was nice while it was down. You get used to disappointment weather wise living in Shropshire tho
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