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    Very bright rainbow, sun setting low in the sky to the West, storm approaching from the SE
  3. Weather looking miserable for the next week or so, only good thing is we need the rain. Bring back the glorious sunshine its keeping me from needing a padded cell during this lockdown BS
  4. Yesterday was literally the perfect summer day in London. Unbroken sunshine, lovely and warm but not too hot, a gentle cooling breeze, and at bedtime lovely and fresh so you get a good nights sleep.
  5. Im sure this has been posted many times before but I find it fascinating. (average lightning strikes per 20k worldwide chart 2012-2016) We get robbed of nearly all decent winter weather compared to most of Europe despite our northerly latitude due to proximity to the Atlantic ocean and jet stream, and robbed of storms compared to most of Europe due to our proximity to the Atlantic ocean and northerly latitude. On the flip side we dont suffer extreme cold or heat events which are dangerous and financially costly.
  6. Looking like summer weather is here to stay for quite a while. Great news as with lockdowns easing, this is the best weather to help kill the virus!
  7. Huge crack of thunder here, scared the [email protected] out of me as not heard any distant approaching rumbles, and didnt even realise it was raining outside lol
  8. For those down south, you can still enjoy making a snowman this winter :)
  9. Literally the worst 3 months of weather ever. Wet, wet wet, dull dull dull, horrible horrible horrible. And all those poor people flooded out of their homes, absolutely terrible.
  10. It actually felt sort of almost wintery today, cool with a brisk windchill. Still only needed a t-shirt and light coat, but a week ago I was walking to the gym in just a t-shirt, in mid winter lol
  11. One thing weatherwise worse than a horrid mild winter, is having your roof blown off as well. Looking a next weeks charts this seems a real risk!
  12. If this is global warming, accelerating on a much faster scale than scientists think, we are doomed within a few short years!
  13. Just spat my coffee all over my keyboard, too funny!! God help Cornwall if that verifies!!
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