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  1. I have nothing but pure hatred for that mob of criminals. I do believe climate chance is real, but I dont believe in disrupting other peoples lives and livelihoods the way this lot go about sending their "message" Whatever we do in this country (And compared to a most countries we do a lot) it wont make the slightest bit of difference whilst China etc dont do the same.
  2. Why do these lovely winter charts show up a week after summer and not early Jan lol!
  3. Well the summer has had hideous heat on too many days, and not many "nice warm" days. Its either cloudy, wet or too hot. And unlike the 80s 90s and 00s, a severe lack of storms to match the stupidly hot spells we have had to suffer. Global warming is like an STD, lots of negatives and no positives whatsoever!!
  4. He was before my time but my Dad idolised him. We are going to get told off for going OT lol!!
  5. Never lived there (Been to many games though). My Dad was born there and was Bolton through and through. (He would be turning in his grave about whats happened to the Super Whites though!!)
  6. Yesterdays storms were 10 miles to my West, todays 10 miles to my East. NW London has developed a storm shield and I am not happy!!!
  7. Goodluck to anyone who gets a nice lightshow tonight. I am melting but have a lovely AC unit in my bedroom, time for bed lol
  8. Enjoy Norrance, just give us some of your snow come winter in return... deal?
  9. No extreme heat thanks!! Does nothing good for anyone!!!
  10. A perfect summers day today. Lovely and sunny, warm (very warm in the sun) but with a gentle cooling breeze and low humidity. Couldnt ask for a nicer day!!
  11. Yeah its storm viewing like no other!! Ive been on 8 cruises, from Norway Fjords, Baltics, Ireland, Channel Islands, France/Spain, to the Med, and seen at least one proper good storm on 7 of them. Either im super lucky or we have found the new storm chasing nirvana!!!
  12. Wow to be on a cruise ship going through that would be awesome. I had the pleasure of being on one in the med 2 years ago when we sailed into the mother of all thunderstorms, and it was one of the best things ive seen weather wise ever!! Unlimited views and amazing lightening, the ship was hit more than once!!! The captain had to come on and reassure the passengers that the ship can handle the conditions, which were not forecast he kept stressing lol
  13. As a young teenage boy in the early 1980s (cant remember the exact year) I remember a night storm that was like no other I have seen. Lightning flashing every second, constant thunder including explosion like thunder at times, torrential rain for 2 hours that flooded the downstairs flat and many other places in Kilburn. I was absolutely terrified, even my parents seemed worried at one point!!
  14. Give me todays weather over Monday and yesterday's humidity any time!
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