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  1. Everyone enjoy tomorrow and Sat out in this historic spell. Even if it remains cold or more cold forecast, it wont be like this historic week!! Simply amazing weather we have had, never nice to wave goodbye to it, considering it may never be seen again in my lifetime!!
  2. Thats my exersize walking place, that steep path in the middle I go round it 6-12 times!! 🤣 The kids will be toboggoning down that very path tomorrow!!
  3. Agree, from 1 mile south!! Amazing day, probably the best winter day in 30 years!!
  4. Gosh its really coming down at Wembley , as it is here lol 👌
  5. Oh hopefully it will reach you, im sorry I forgot the new regional areas this used to be london thread
  6. The radar is just loaded with snow for all of us tonight, and how nice is it to not worry about "marginality" for once!!!
  7. Im 48 and the missus is 42, I met her from work at Liverpool St London, and we walked home (7 miles) in the freezing weather and snow . We were like 2 kids enjoying it lol
  8. What an amazing day today, cant remember a day like it absolutley freezing with snow shower after snow shower leaving 4-6 inches!
  9. Yeah I dont think I will see this again ever, shame it doesnt happen more often it really is amazinhg to watch and enjoy.
  10. Wind is the perfect direction for a Thames Streamer to hit London
  11. Snow is the heaviest ive ever seen here right now!
  12. I agree, Ive noticed this with storms as well as snow showers!!!
  13. Im still fully expecting it to go pear shaped and end up with another week like this one, which was promised to be bitterly cold with snow 2 weeks before lol
  14. That is some difference indeed. I bet mother nature hasnt decided which model is correct yet though, depends on butterflies flapping somewhere I read lol
  15. In my eyes global warming has virtually killed our chance of ever seeing a 1980s style cold spell ever again. Perversely it also seems to have killed hot and sunny summers with decent storms too!!!