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  1. What a lovely day today is. Shame this weeks cold snap couldnt have been in Jan or Feb, wasted in April.
  2. What a glorious few days here in NW London. I have actually managed to sunbathe for 5 straight days in February, which is just astounding considering even in April I would be lucky to get a day!! I am just grateful this weather pattern didnt happen in mid summer as it would have been horrifically hot!!!
  3. Amazing warm looking week ahead. Maybe the recent SSW has downwelled to ground level UK this time lol
  4. Really did feel springlike today, and lovely wall to wall sunshine. Ive given up on a decent cold spell in the foreseeable so this is the next best thing this time of year!
  5. Doesnt look good at all for any cold weather this winter sadly. Ive really enjoyed this thread and the hunt though!! Mother nature wont be nailed down to a 10 day chart even with the immense computing power we have in this day and age!!
  6. Was today a Thames Streamer? all be it a weak one that if it wernt mid winter would have been rain>
  7. I dont mean to be a debbie downer, but the most I am expecting is a semi cover on things like cars, some areas of grass, tops of walls etc of under 1cm, which will melt and disappear by tomorrow lunchtime lol
  8. Well ive seen baseball snowflakes, any other white stuff seems a bonus!!
  9. The only blips ive seen so far are cold ones! Anyway its looking a bit better on the models than earlier, thank the lord!
  10. If the rest of winter is a bust, at least ive seen baseball sized snowflakes yesterday, biggest ive seen in my 49 years lol
  11. More threads than snowflakes sighted all winter lol Seriously though im glad they brought back a hunt cold/banter thread, we can but dream
  12. If only the weather was 288 hours behind the models we would be constantly buried in snowdrifts lol
  13. I have been watching every post over the last few weeks with avid interest. Im an out and out coldie, but also my income depends on footie and rugby pitches being playable. But if push comes to shove I would take a month of zero games for a big freeze up. I thought we were on the cusp of that this morning, cant believe its gone pete tong . :(
  14. I live and work close to the land (Being on the ground floor ) and what that other poster wrote is totally factually incorrect, nothing short of fake news!. As someone close to the land, ive seen snow in March being the 1st of winter. When was that you ask, oh yeah, this March gone
  15. I cant find the hunt for cold thread, ive enjoyed reading that several times a day? Has it been culled?
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