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  1. Well it seems that here in Lowestoft has been directly in the firing line this evening. The last half an hour has been really active!
  2. Weather station is showing 0.9 degrees so it is certainly cold enough. The radar has the second wave heading directly for lowestoft however the forecast is saying that the temperature will rise to 4 degrees as it passes, hopefully we may get something from the leading edge.
  3. Really not liking the look of that northerly on Friday. Great for wintry showers in the east, however I am very concerned as it clashes almost perfectly with the spring tide. Still nothing from the environment agency as yet...
  4. I hope that doesn't clash with a spring tide. That has tidal surge written all over it. Full moon the day before as well.
  5. That is quite a marked change at only 30 hours in. This must be a classic example of explosive cyclogenesis?
  6. Massive storm just raged over Norwich. Haven't seen rain like that in a long time. Had a brief period of very heavy hail too and quite a light show!
  7. We had a flash of lightning around 10pm in Lowestoft. The rain is still persisting, it has been a very wet night here in East Anglia.
  8. I think having a jab at the government is a little unfair. There is no blame to apportion here; it isn't due to the action or inaction of the government. Unfortunately it is catch 22 for them; whatever they may have done beforehand would never have prevented this from happening; we are talking about one of the biggest rivers in the country here! If that can't cope, then there's not a lot that can be done. If we really need to blame someone it is the planners of these grand homes, who built them on flood plains in the first place. And I don't in any way mean that disrespectfully towards those p
  9. The low at T72 is a little more flabby on the GFS but we still get that easterly feed. If only those uppers were lower! Let's hope the Scandinavia high can hold this time....
  10. I don't think I could describe the pattern shown on the 00z runs as "Zonal". As a matter of fact I still think what is shown is quite favourable for cold. The Scandi high is going to be quite a beast to shift.
  11. Not particularly liking the GFS 00z which throws out yet again another outcome. The low just sits out in the Atlantic and fills as it has nowhere to go. Thanks to this the colder uppers to our east don't even come close to our shores and even begin retreating back towards the reforming PV in the latter frames. Let's hope this is an outlier and the ensembles keep up the theme of backing colder outcomes. This really is knife edge stuff!
  12. The NAE 12Z shows a pretty intense little low over east Anglia tomorrow morning, could prove quite a gusty and wet rush hour!
  13. Uncancelling the trains is easier said than done. All the stock and crews will be in the wrong place; it would take well over an hour or so to get everything up and running.
  14. UKMO has also downgraded substantially. It still produces strong winds in the far south but doesn't develop the depression fully. It seems like the models are falling in line with what the 18Z GFS spotted last night.
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