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  1. Signs on the radar of re-intensification of the first band as it moves off the Channel into Southeast Wales.
  2. Yes, I'm a bit surprised by the size and intensity of it too. That intensity will no doubt diminish a little as it moves into the cold block, but not enough to avoid a decent fall over much of Wales if it continues on its current E-NE track.
  3. Yesterday's warning area expanded to cover ~80% of Wales.
  4. For those with precipitation currently over them on the radar but nothing falling, the reason is that it's so cold and windy that the snow is literally being evaporated before it reaches the ground. Wait a bit longer and it'll start to filter through to the lower atmosphere.
  5. Really pleased for those out west seeing snow this morning - you're doing better than us in the Valleys this winter, and that doesn't happen often! The front is now edging northeastwards with precipitation approaching the Vale, so I'd expect it to be snowing in most of Southeast Wales within the next hour or two. As for amounts, I wouldn't like to guess, but I think it's likely there'll be patchy snow across the bulk of Wales for much of the day.
  6. Where on earth did this come from? I don't normally take any notice of the BBC's automated forecasts, but I'm surprised.
  7. Sorry to be a party pooper but I can't see anything more than some light to moderate snow west of around Swansea, and flurries at most elsewhere in South Wales. If you run the radar and look at the leading edge of of the front currently off the north coast of Cornwall, it's fizzling. The high is still too strong and the precipitation is evaporating as it comes up against it. Still, the front is definitely worth keeping an eye on. I know it's a cliché to say this, but nothing in meteorology is guaranteed.
  8. Ah, lovely! I think nostalgia for childhood is a big part of why so many us love snow as much as we do as adults. The snow here has started to settle on paths, pavements and roads in the last hour and it’s now totally white outside, although curiously it’s not doing that further up the valley in Merthyr. Suppose a slightly high altitude doesn’t necessarily guarantee lower DPs.
  9. I'm a bit less confident tonight about snow in South Wales than I was earlier, but still as confident of significant snow in upland parts further north. I think the Valleys are likely to see falling snow but it could be a challenge to see it settling away from the tops unless precipitation is sustained and heavy. As for Sunday, that's anyone's guess.
  10. I think you'll at least see some falling, but in terms of accumulations it's so dependent on altitude that I'm not even certain I'll see settling. Honestly, if the UK and Ireland kept their oceanic climate but were a thousand miles further north and had generally greater elevation, our winters would be almost as snowy as Hokkaido and Montreal and without the worries over marginality.
  11. Really remarkable difference between the forecast for Caerphilly town, @Jayfromcardiff, and the forecast for my area, five miles up the road and still at a pretty modest elevation.
  12. Just to clear this up, the written part of the warning information includes all parts of counties which are included, even if just a tiny part of that county is part of the warning zone itself. For example, in Caerphilly county, only the around Rhymney could be a part of a warning zone but not the rest of the county. Even so, in the written part of the warning, Caerphilly county as a whole will be included. If it's confusing for us, imagine how it must be for those in Powys: it stretches all the way from near Swansea right up to near Wrexham. All it would take for confusion to reign would be for just the area near Swansea to be part of a warning zone, yet you could still have people near Wrexham not familiar with how the warnings work expecting snow! I think the Met Office needs an overhaul of their warning system because at times, especially when there are multiple overlapping warnings concurrently, it can be as clear as mud for casual users of the site. Thank you for these kind words, they made me smile. For a long time the Welsh have been stereotyped as hostile to outsiders, switching to Cymraeg when an English speaker enters a pub and whatnot, but I don't think that could be further from the truth.
  13. At some point this weekend, most likely Sunday, I think snow will fall on the coastal plain in Southeast Wales (the further west of the Vale you go, the less likely that becomes). As for tomorrow, rain progressively turning to sleet and snow seems likely from Caerphilly, Taff's Well, VoG, Bridgend etc. northwards, obviously with the earlier the transition and greater depths the further north and the more elevation you have.
  14. Yes, I also think it's likely to be corrected southwards to take in the Valleys at least.
  15. A very complex pattern this weekend and into next week but, as things stand, Wales (and South Wales in particular) could be in for a snowy old weekend. The potential is there for more significant snow than we saw on Sunday and the models have shown consistency in this for the last few days, but it goes without saying that the uncertainty is very high and any expectations we have of snow could be snatched away with just one run. The 18Z is about to begin rolling out. Let's see what it shows.
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