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  1. Was an excellent forecast i thought, they are keeping an eye on a few things for sure!
  2. Really stormy out there now, nothing extra ordinary in terms of big wind gusts as yet but it sounds wild blowing through the trees, you can't beat that sound!
  3. A quick video here letting you hear the roar of the wind last night, the moonlight makes it quite an eerie experience!
  4. I know! I can only assume maybe it fell in front and as they braked they went up and over?! Madness! Hope you escaped without too much damage? (Apart from the pub gutters!)
  5. Can't believe last night really, was one hell of a storm thats for sure! My fence didn't make it as expected! Lots of trees down round here, one car had a very lucky escape on the Verwood to Ringwood Road, and as I mentioned yesterday, the building site at the Local Morrissons took a hit. Crazy stuff.
  6. It is brutal out there, just heard that a trees blocking the route out of Verwood here, wont be suprised if theres many more.....quite simply a stunning weather event here....
  7. Not liking this one bit here......never thought id get spooked but its beaten me....wind is howling....
  8. Stay safe mate, i have to say its howling out there, just been out for a check and i can hear lots of stuff banging around. The local morrisons here is being rebuilt, the old building is halfway through being demolished, can see some damage occuring there to be honest. I'm not liking this at the mo....everyone please be careful!
  9. Wow! Just had a mega gust here, unfortunately i cant tell you how much but trust me, its the strongest one weve had this stormy period so far. Stuff flying about everywhere outside, this is a storm alright!
  10. Can't say im looking forward to the predicted battering later, my poor fence is looking on its last legs and ive already had to re-felt the shed roof after the last lot got whipped of in the previous weeks winds.....batten down everyone!!
  11. The rain here is relentless!! Been pretty much solid and heavy since first thing this morning.....next up the wind....
  12. I agree with you, sadly this ones got our name all over it, gonna be wild for sure!
  13. For the moment! lol but sadly i dont expect it to stay that way, bracing ourselves down here!
  14. It will pep up, trust me on that one, shes not even close yet
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