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  1. Same place, different day, different towers but sadly no storms.
  2. Goodness me..... My photo made it onto the BBC 10 o'clock news weather watcher slot! Well chuffed.
  3. A few panoramas of today's storm coming in over the Moelwyns & Rhinogydd mountains of Snowdonia with some interesting cloud formations.
  4. Flipping heck..... That was a mighty close strike and deafening bang! I'm not too sure how good the car is as a Faraday cage? I'm the only car on this part of the beach!
  5. Towers forming over the Llyn ... ..and inland. It's now gone off with a bang!
  6. Not really a panorama, but the calm before the N Wales storm this lunchtime. The dogs wanted to get out of the heat for a cooling swim before it bucketed down.
  7. Can confirm some decent CG here and heavy downpours.
  8. It's behind you.... Managed to get back to the car before this beast hit shore as I was the tallest thing for miles around.
  9. Lenticular Cloud?

    Looks like a possible nice formation over Snowdon this morning as seen from the webcam (Lodge Dinorwig).
  10. Noctilucent clouds 2017

    According to spaceweather.com this year has been very poor so far.... Mystery of the Missing Noctilucent Clouds This year, however, something mysterious happened. Instead of surging, the clouds vanished. During the first two weeks of June 2017, Spaceweather.com received ZERO images of NLCs — something that hasn’t happened in nearly 20 years. There’s been a “heat wave” in the polar mesosphere, a region in Earth’s upper atmosphere where NLCs form. Relatively warm temperatures have wiped out the clouds. http://news.spaceweather.com/mystery-of-the-missing-noctilucent-clouds/
  11. Sea Fog

    For the last few days the North Wales sea fog has been drifting inland. It couldn't quite get over the Snowdon range today but eventually burnt off in the afternoon heat. As temperatures droped this evening it's begun rolling back up the valley.
  12. Stark contrast in temperatures today. 13 in Aberdaron and 25 in Betws-y-coed. Sea fog was the problem but it couldn't quite manage to roll in over the Snowdon range.
  13. Set off from Snowdonia back to the Midlands earlier this morning in drizzle and thick hill fog. It cleared around Bala. Returned this afternoon to find sea fog rolling inland from the Llyn. Wide fluctuations in temperatures.
  14. Yep storm to my south. Thunder and lightning. Looks to be between Bewdley and Bridgnorth.
  15. Eurovision Song Contest

    That'll learn me !