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  1. I've got the Pixel 3aXL (same camera/software.) I bought it for the camera and I'd never have believed a smartphone could take such amazing low light/night photos. I've also got a Nikon DSLR but the phone is so convenient.
  2. Managed to get an Editor's Pick amongst these... Eyes peeled for the next few nights with clear skies forecast for most.
  3. My effort here for this evening at 23:15 Not bad for a smartphone! (night sight/astrophotography mode on Google Pixel 3a xl)
  4. Flooding from this afternoons downpours.
  5. Yep..got it here. Massive flash here just with almost instant thunder. Took the power out for a couple of seconds as it struck. We have overhead power cables so frequently get outages with power surges.
  6. Had about an hour of downpours on and off including thunder and lightning. Seems to have drifted off over north of Telford now. I can still hear rumbling.
  7. Loud thunder from over Wolverhampton area now.
  8. Yep...incoming..can hear regular thunder here now and getting louder..
  9. I stood on the original bridge watching the locals diving into the river below for a few Yugoslavian Dinar. I was gutted when it was destroyed in the war.
  10. Markets may well fall further but the time to sell was a few weeks ago. Selling now is like trying to catch a falling knife. You'll get a lot less cash if you crystallise your losses now. I was hoping to retire soon but most of my pot, like millions of others, is c.25-30% less than it was a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I have part of the pot in cash as a buffer but it may take years to regain the losses.
  11. Yep a break from breaking news sounds like a good plan. The dog always wants a walk, so whilst we can still go out we're all off to blow the cobwebs away for a long walk on the beach! (Well away from other folk).
  12. I've popped into a couple of supermarkets as I've been passing over the last 2 or 3 days not to stockpile but to buy normal fresh produce veg, milk, meat, bread wine, beer etc. Previously the obvious things like looroll, pasta, cleaning products etc had all disappeared but today was different. Whole sections of the supermarket had been desimated. Frozen foods, meat, bread, tinned goods. Maybe it's because it's Saturday and more people generally shop but I suspect panic buying has gone up a gear or three!
  13. Even if travel is possible, I believe most insurance companies have excluded covid19 cover on any new travel insurance policies from yesterday/today. Pre-existing policies should be covered. Coronavirus: insurers halt travel cover WWW.MONEYWISE.CO.UK Some of the UK's leading insurance companies cut back on travel policies because of coronavirus
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