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  1. Fresh snow again this morning at altitude around here.
  2. Now the cloud height has risen I can see fresh snow here overnight/this morning on the Moelwyns above c.400/500 metres.
  3. Went out mid afternoon and could barely get back down the lane an hour later which is very exposured to the strong Easterly. The wind seems to have finally died down now so the drifts have stopped reforming and growing. This chap is our local hero having been down four times today to keep on top of the drifting. A big thumbs up to him!
  4. A good 8+cm covering here overnight with drifting again. For the 4th time this winter we've been snowed in again. The very helpful farmer has been and cleared the lane but some of the drifts are reforming. Like last time, the snow is whistling off the fields almost leaving them bare and billowing into drifts in the dips and hollows, one being the 200m track to the lane! Thankfully it's stopped snowing. A slight thaw looks to setting in as well.
  5. The snow that came at lunchtime was still lying in the shady spots this evening but now everywhere is nowed covered. Looks like we might get a cm or two by morning. I also noticed this morning that there were still a couple of isolated mounds of snow remaining where the tractors had cleared the huge drifts to the roadside from two weeks ago.
  6. No more snow please. Having had to be dug out by the farmer three times just gone I don't want to get snowed in again. I've got a hospital appointment first thing Monday. The remains of the last huge drifts have only just gone a few days ago.
  7. Snowing here now. Proper stuff not sleet & quite heavy,
  8. Some serious big drifts taller than the 4x4s down the lanes around the village. Many locals saying it's reminiscent of 63 and the worst they've seen since then.
  9. It started snowing again at 3 yesterday afternoon and was still going strong at midnight. Huge drifting on top of existing ones and I have been snowed in again until just when the farmer cleared the track again for the third time in two days. Folk like him are the real heroes at times like this. Now I can finally get out I'll try and get some photos.
  10. Heavy snow coming down now. Some serious drifts down the lanes from last night...
  11. Yep... Always a nightmare as it rarely gets gritted. I had to leave the village via Patshull and Burnhill Green
  12. Nope... these photos were from the village facebook page... we have two German Shorthaired pointers who love the snow as well!
  13. The Beast from the East finally roared here in South Staffs with huge drifts in places... Out track was cleared twice by the kind farmer at 11 last night and again at 7 this morning otherwise I would have been snowed in The first one is a car in the distance well and truly stuck on the road out of the village...
  14. Only every experienced driving in frezing rain once... Lethal. Parked the car up on a very slight incline, handbrake on and in gear. Got out and noticed the car was sliding off under its own weight even though the wheels weren't going around. Fortunately I managed to jump back in and turn the wheels towards the kerb to stop it sliding any further. Edit: that was in the west midlands in 2004 as posted above. Took 6 hours to get through Dudley to South Staffs.