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  1. To me is dosent appear to be moving north much 🤯
  2. Which ever ones is best for here 😂
  3. Police issue stage 4 travel warning do not travel after 9pm tonight if u are in amber warning ⚠️
  4. I think tonight it’s Ayr’s turn for snowmageddon
  5. BBC litterally just skipped tomorrow low saying it may miss uk altogether any thoughts ??
  6. Yeah we did ok heaviest of the day just passed and when I say not bad I mean half a cm but that’s as good as U get here then u know inland is getting pelted . However it snowed then melted a few times but it hanging on now . Also had thunder snow earlier 😂 so been fun to watch rain due shortly 🤣 glad to see so many doing great with the snow but watch the roads they are lethal
  7. First snow shower . Not lying too wet it’s an improvement tho
  8. Aww thanks love your optimism however I think it’s just going to be a rain fest here maby the odd sleet shower . I’m used to it 🤣
  9. Intense sleet /hail huge gusts just passed if ur east of Ayr with any elevation ur about to get pummelled
  10. Heaviest shower yet it’s a sleety hail and it’s sticking to the drenched ground that’s the base we need here but it will melt before the snaw arrives
  11. I honestly think for here the ground is too saturated for any snaw to stick ideally would need a miracle or a huge hail shower first then snow
  12. I love this 😂😂😂 if I were to get 5cm in Ayr then I’d be happy with that no noteable sniw sunce 2010 apart from January 15 had a wee fall
  13. Just pulled this aswell ...... 100 miles south then the majority of us will be in for a snow fest and my fence will last another day 🤣