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  1. Yeah Ross I thought that aswell
  2. Local media here have already started calling her Barbara I'm not sure if she has been officially crowed yet by the meto
  3. Ha ha ha twice in one month after a five year drought of snow hope u get some soon
  4. Been snowing away in Ayr for last hour solid nice wee cover
  5. SUPRISE snow fall here today .... Caught everyone off guard including the local highway agency's / council resulted in untreated roads numerous accidents delays and diversions . Was nice to see the white stuff not so nice when driving on an ice rink
  6. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Thundersnow !!!!!! Everything white
  7. Scotland - Weather Chat

    RAIN Bring on spring
  8. Scotland - Weather Chat

    I'm putting ma eggs in the basket again ! Best forecast I've seen for years for snow here so last chance winter
  9. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Very quiet am surprised due to the upcoming period of weather
  10. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Current forecast was 6oc however temp reading 1 oc so if that's correct I'm chicking ma eggs in the basket last ditch attempt of winter
  11. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Best crisp clear winters day in a long time ! If I don't get snow these days make up for it
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Yup zero here and Irvine lot confirmed nothing also ! Got a few showers at pints but never stuck ! It's not over yet still a good few weeks of winter . However we have had no lying snow here since feb 2010 ! 5 years !!!!!!!!
  13. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Reports coming in A77 between girvan and cairnryan closed as HGV s are stuck in the snow at least someone got pasted
  14. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Any one got decent charts for the wee low ?? Couldn't make out where it was goin on bbc lol
  15. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Can't wait for the rain blob