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  1. Below is yesterdays 850 temps for my area, first from the 12z and secondly from this mornings 0z, apart from the rougue operational on the 12z, the average 850 temp across the ensembles is barely any different, if anything, its slightly better long term this morning ?
  2. And it will be different again in the morning, no consistency currently. Ensembles will paint an interesting picture.
  3. Nothing here for a few hours at least I'd suggest, bang in the middle of the two lines of showers
  4. 16 day 0z temp anomalies looking rather good for the UK 2m temp for my area also looking good, think they are the best so far, save most on my phone and it looks at least as good if not slightly better than the 18z, the mean is certainly lower than a few days a go and that's a good trend for me ? Not a lot to be downbeat with this morning, although we'd love consistency from the models all the way through to potential cold weather arriving, experience tells me we'll have a few wobbles getting there
  5. Although Jimmy White had a touch of brilliance in him, let's hope the gfs can bring a bit of that magic to the party ? Anyway, been checking the ensembles everyday for weeks now for my neck of the woods. Tonight's are the best so far.
  6. Not sure as I see it as much of a downgrade at all, granted living up north at elevation helps. Talk of snow even at low levels up here and then the chance of Much colder weather in the following weeks :) The use of the wording MUCH COLDER, is interesting to say the least.
  7. Definitely a trend, this is more my neck of the woods, although, I'm a lot higher up in Co Durham. A mean of pretty much -5, with only 2 members I believe above 0, it's 100% going the right way ?
  8. The differences at such a timescale are staggering, you can see big changes from pretty early on in the run aswell. Think we will see a lot of this over the coming days whilst the models try to get a grip on things. Doesn't mean it will lead to cold, but just goes to show there's no need for doom and gloom. Will be a few days yet before things become even slightly clearer
  9. If only i was at the pub, girls are ill so my evening is pretty unexciting, In all seriousness guy is legit, cant make up the kind of knowledge he has, tbf he is only saying what many an expert is now predicting. Wont post links to his tweets because that isn't something i am comfortable with, Anyway guys on here just as knowledgeable predicting similar, so nothing new, hes just very bullish
  10. Speaking on twitter to a guy tonight who literally loves all things vortex related, he is massively optimistic about the current and future warming's, believes a split is likely, not UK based but still thinks a Xmas northerly for us is not out the question either. Lets hope he is reliable ?
  11. Thanks Mike, pretty much what I thought, glad I wasn't Barking up the wrong tree. Thanks for the link ?
  12. Morning, do you have a link to this chart, just realised I've been looking at the 65* north version for the last month, which does have the mean going into a reversal, can't seem to find the link for 60* north variant On that note, isn't it still a good sign if at 65 degrees north the zonal winds are predicted to reverse?
  13. There is an intensity to the showers now, may not last long, but will pack a punch if you hit them
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