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  1. I have in memory a recent SSW that did not downwell at the time but it did have an effect on early Spring. Anybody remember which year that was?
  2. The easiest and quickest way to do that is to remove the like buttons.
  3. Yes, I'm amazed at the reaction to that inaccuracy. Some models with more layers may be better able to create continuity/accuracy through the levels but to claim they are two separately modelled entities is just plain wrong.
  4. Todays snow satellite illustrates your point well. Big beefy snow showers (red tinge) as the arctic parcel comes south.
  5. 15 day meteogram for Nottingham, strong signal for northerly wind day 9 to 11.
  6. The only issue I'm aware of is lack of flight data on a day or two over the holidays. Flight data must have been reduced/impacted all through this strange year; has it made a difference to the accuracy statistics?
  7. Did someone mention insular Cannot remember ever seeing such a perfect bullseye of low heights centred on the BI Just realised that the ECM charts are clickable for meteograms. ECMWF | Charts APPS.ECMWF.INT
  8. Meteociel has a whole panel of charts to compare, you just need to click on voir panel multimodeles.
  9. Day 10 http://brunnur.vedur.is/kort/ec-ens/2020/12/23/00/ec-ens_nat_z500scenarios_2020122300_240.png Day 15 http://brunnur.vedur.is/kort/ec-ens/2020/12/23/00/ec-ens_nat_z500scenarios_2020122300_360.png Scenarios we would have given our eye teeth for in years past. The strength and longevity of the Greenland heights anomaly.
  10. Looks like it is from the DECIDER charts. Decider WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Choose Decider to give fast advice to forecasting teams or traders working in weather-sensitive trades.
  11. If you know the years and dates, the Japanese site has 5 day means for 30, 100 and 500 heights. 5-day Mean Figures of Atmospheric Circulation DS.DATA.JMA.GO.JP Climate System Monitoring / TCC
  12. Brecht (sic) ... perfect timing for the Beast to put in an appearance. No science, no teleconnections no gut feeling, just the simple law of Sod. The east wind is probably the only visitor that can have unfettered access to the UK.
  13. Currently closely tracking 1995 and 2007 .... both years just before solar minimum was called. Who can forget December 1995 but 2007 was unremarkable. Nothing to be gleaned from that but the law of Sod dictates there will likely be some sort of beastly intervention when services are stretched owing to other pressures.
  14. On such charts, the concept of the OPI was born. A snapshot of 2010 with other dates and level data here. 5-day Mean Figures of Atmospheric Circulation DS.DATA.JMA.GO.JP Climate System Monitoring / TCC
  15. Is there a link to go with image? Wondering if they give a reason for it.
  16. I don't remember seeing anything similar to the modelling of Alex. Is it because the tiny surface feature gets trapped under the cut off upper low that causes it to do a loop while remaining intact?
  17. It seems so. https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/news/article/towards-free-and-open-weather-data-for-all
  18. All 3 trimesters have slp as very strong in the Atlantic. Most separation of the cell for D/J/F so it has possibilities.
  19. https://i.imgur.com/w8Vr3HZ.mp4 Mesmerising, like nature's lava lamp.
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