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  1. That's not the 8am temps; it's the maximum during the last 12 hours which would run 7pm to 7am in the UK.
  2. There's an element who have been looking forward to solar minimum for winter influence ... it has f......d summer, can it save winter?
  3. I haven't looked at video because internet playing up but I assume you are referring to the May SST anomaly. They are still using this as far as I know and it was part of the suite of forecasting tools they used for summer '18. Error - Cookies Turned Off RMETS.ONLINELIBRARY.WILEY.COM
  4. On here, I discovered that AO/NAO were not drivers of the weather: just a tool to show past synoptics and an anticipated set up from model output. Is the same not true for AAM in that it is something derived from the weather patterns modelled medium to longer term?
  5. Gael_Force

    Shelf cloud panorama

    Superb !!
  6. Surely very unusual to see Pwat charts showing the rain potential coming in from the continent.
  7. Missing data or not .... GFS and ECM seeing remarkably similar, unpalatable solutions, for longer term. EC 240 GFS 300
  8. There was nothing to scale against but try this for comparison. Take on Nature: Red velvet mites and layers of living WWW.IRISHNEWS.COM A SOARING buzzard high in the sky last week prompted thoughts of the great biodiversity and layers of life which exist between the ground under our feet and...
  9. First image looks like a red spider mite.
  10. Effective transmission across the globe: the role of climate in COVID-19 mitigation strategies | CMMID Repository CMMID.GITHUB.IO We discussed the current evidence on the role of climate on COVID-19 transmission.
  11. A very sophisticated set up with an airborne ICU. The Italians were saying that their patients were too ill to be move to other less impacted areas this will give some of the French patients a better chance of survival.
  12. Maybe the toilet rolls will be needed after all. Virologe Hendrik Streeck über Corona: Neue Symptome entdeckt WWW.FAZ.NET Hendrik Streeck ist wahrscheinlich der Virologe, der die meisten Patienten in Deutschland gesehen hat. Ein Interview über neue Covid-19-Symptome...
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