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  1. Started to stick on the cars and grass, but everywhere is so wet so will need to get temp slightly lower to settle properly. Current temp 1c.
  2. It’s finally turned to wet snow but just a bit to warm to get anything settling I think.
  3. The precipitation over Wales is getting quite beefy, could be interesting if this activity is sustained into the early evening - temp c. 3c now.
  4. I do not expect to see any settling snow from showers this afternoon, indeed rain/sleet looks likely. From this evening we stand more chance particularly In the North of our area. Tomorrow could give temporary settling snow in any heavy showers but more particularly with altitude- Staffordshire moors favoured spot to see longer lasting lying snow. As for Sunday still all to play for but perhaps a more South of the region event with a few cm possible.All in all a pretty wintery short term outlook. 😀
  5. Anybody else just seen the latest bbc forecast talking about a band of showers possibly crossing the Midlands later tomorrow - in the words of Chris Fawkes “something a bit more exciting “ 😀
  6. Still coming down but a lot slower now, back garden has that lovely wintery covering again. IMG_0084.mp4
  7. Outside now. Gosh this is an unexpected surprise.😍
  8. It’s white over here now including the roads and snowing very heavily.
  9. It’s beginning to look like an ice day here although doesn’t particularly look like it outside but temp still at 0c.
  10. Clearly still up for grabs and will be a case of window watching but personally have low expectation levels for areas West and probably also South of Brum. 😪
  11. No-one going to far from home if this comes off.🤞🤞
  12. From looking at the overall variety of outcomes across all the models it does appear that the met office update has it about right. I would say the chances for snow settling for areas South of the M4 look to be quite low, Midlands and the North altitude will be key probably ok c. 150m+ possibly higher for the Midlands and Scotland can be reasonably confident of seeing snow at times. Sweet spot likely to be Pennines and Peak District with optimum precipitation amounts and low enough temperatures.
  13. Still no significant thaw and has now been snowing for the last 5 mins heavier than at any point yesterday evening - radar seems to developing precipitation around our area a bit as well. Interesting!
  14. All about the extra height I guess, think at around 160m I am around 0c so no melt either. However looking in the Yorkshire thread there is rain at 200m near Sheffield so sadly the writing is probably on the wall. Precipitation is definitely heading more East to West than North to South in any case though.
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