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  1. how things looking for coventry? looked ok for snow through the night into early morning on the beeb site 2-5cm maybe or more?
  2. Dont worry i had the best upgrade of all time today when 02 offerd me the samsung note 4 free of charge
  3. Massive downgrades for my area just few light snow flurries forecasted such a shame
  4. Following this cold spell for over a week and the best we had was ice in the morning. Typical.
  5. LOL could not make this up poor form from the so called experts.
  6. Well the met have coventry down for a hour of heavy snow early wednesday two forecast 6 to 7 of heavy snow. Confused.com?
  7. Just from met office and beeb forecast had us down for heavy snow and now just sleet!
  8. Not looking so good for my area (coventry) could be some heavy sleet here and thats it..east mids look in line for a pasting
  9. Would that be 10cm across the mids or just the lucky spots lol
  10. How much snow could we be looking at if the latest charts came off?
  11. Hopefully they have at least a amber warning out by tmoz for midweek ☺
  12. Thing i find worrying is the met office has no warnings out for snow yet and we are 2 days away from this 'snow event'
  13. Coventry and birmingham area slighty out of your sweet spot!!
  14. Im in coventry kind of new to this so please bare with. Thanks for that i remember jan 2013 we did well here in coventry 15cm of snow in a simmilar set up over a few days hope this low does make it far east as the mids! Could be a epic week.
  15. How are we seeing next week then in terms of snowfall? Is this low going to push far enough west to reach the midlands as at the moment looks dry for us in the west midlands?
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