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  1. Yes mainly polystyrene showers so far today. But if the good Doctor says more snowier this evening then that’s good enough for me. That wind is biting again today though!
  2. I must admit, snow at the weekend when not having to drive to work will be a pleasure. Count me in ?
  3. I’m going to Middlesbrough later and staying over. Might see a bit of snow before as the good Doctor says, the gentle thaw commences
  4. Light sleety/snow here now, leaden skies with no breaks as far as the eye can see...
  5. I drove from the east side of Newcastle to the west earlier today, taking in the A189 up to the A19. The drifts are fabulous, the snow had folded over numerous times, wish I could have stopped to take some pics. However, this is what I encountered on Wednesday morning when I attempted to drive to Consett! A1984A8C-F0E6-4CEC-8292-89DC8CE6B1BB.mov
  6. As much as I love the cold and snow, cold without snow or any prospects of meaningful snow does always seem a tad pointless. I can’t say I’ll be sorry to feel a little bit of warmth on the back of my neck, particularly on days like today when it’s just cloudy and raw. I haven’t seen the sun since Monday afternoon, so when it does return it’ll be welcome.
  7. Well he gets some stick for his mild ramping and high pressure ramping on the MOD thread, so it is noticeable to many posters on this site that he gets some kind of enjoyment from the decline of colder weather. Personally I love cold and snow and weather extremes, be it cold, icy, windy or wet, but I’m not on here all day everyday of the year searching for the weather I want. Moreover I just enjoy whatever is thrown at us and accept it for what it is and what we are given, rather than searching for a breakdown of the weather I don’t like and then celebrating it like a lunatic!
  8. Have you not noticed, he’s been like this for years. He seems to get some kind of perverse enjoyment out of seeing some people (not me I hasten to add) deflated by weather. He’s a bit weird to put it MILDLY, and he even has people on the MOD thread laughing at him with his bias towards certain weather types. You’ll notice that whenever cold weather arrives, he’s the only poster I’ve seen actively looking for milder weather to return ?
  9. Light snow grains here, wind has abated a lot. Last night the wind was howling through Wallsend and the sno grains were flying horizontally at approximately 637mph!
  10. I’m somewhat surprised but also disappointed. We were forecast heavy snow from 14:00 to 23:00 yesterday and had nothing. I was hoping this cold snap might have ended with a bit of a bang but it perhaps wasn’t to be.
  11. I go up to Consett regularly. Have a ridiculously good video from up there earlier today.
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