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  1. hope that cell over congleton develops, might have barnsley's name on it
  2. Nearest we've had to a storm in barnsley, just on the periphery. Torrential rain with good rumbles of thunder just to the east. Didn't catch any lightening.
  3. first rumble of thunder in central Barnsley now and torrential rain. No lightening as of yet
  4. Think Barnsley will just miss out on this storm - hopefully more to come.
  5. Sun finally trying to break through in Barnsley. We've pretty much missed out on all the storms recently. the few a couple of weeks ago passed just south.
  6. Might not even make the play offs...if the bottle jobs of the last few seasons are anything to go by https://twitter.com/LisaGJohnsonITV/status/975130499390803968 roads are terrible out there!
  7. Hopefully a some flakes for an hour or so for our region shortly! Think this will be the last of the snow until winter! a fresh CM or 2 would be delightful
  8. Can confirm it’s freezing, windy and icy, but NOT snowing ? town centre
  9. What a fantastic surprise this morning! easily a couple of extra centimetres overnight, still snowing now!
  10. Moderate snow falling in Barnsley town centre now, lovely to watch it being blown all over the place. The wind chill is super cold tonight!
  11. Hopefully that stuff just passing through donny has the town centres name on it!
  12. That chasm of dryness inbetween the 2 lines of showers is so infuriating
  13. Yep, the heavier stuff for Barnsley is all for those on the south side, not an awful lot for us right in the town centre.
  14. Funnily enough, I don't think it's felt that cold today!
  15. Finally getting a covering in Barnsley. Hopefully a sign of things to come, plenty on the radar
  16. This is more like it! Moderate sized flakes falling heavily just now! Another 6 hours of this please
  17. VERY light snow, so powdery though. Up near hospital.
  18. How infuriating that Barnsley has been sat under sleet on the radar for the last half an hour when everywhere else is snow!
  19. I've always found the text forecast to be more accurate...unfortunately.
  20. Yup, I'm a 5 mins drive west of Royston and got barely anything, That cell is producing some beefy rain for some.
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