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  1. Bubbs! Four and one. Eldest has just finished with chicken pox so just waiting for the little lady to get it now! Sleep is overrated anyway. Sorry to hear life is not treating you well SH. Perhaps you need to give it a kick up the backside? X
  2. Exhausted. I have not had a proper night's sleep for over four years. This is making me somewhat grumpier than usual. Hello Ladies, I trust life is treating you all well?
  3. So, who let all the old reprobates back in here then? Hemmy, congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I trust you still retain the crown of most immature member of your household?
  4. would like you to go away now

  5. Nevermind. I suspect it would have got nasty in the end. do read the links tho. they are interesting :)

  6. So spelling errors equal April Fools jokes? Well that's done for half the posts on here then.
  7. flagpole


    Sorry to hear that hun. Sending you some hugs XXX
  8. My boyfriend works for the Council and he works bloody hard. He is by no means roping it in, indeed he could earn a damn sight more if he worked for private industry but he prefers to give something back to the community. His is a stressful job and he regularly works longer than his set hours. He is on call at weekends and has even gone in in the early hours to sort out problems. He 'grafts' his I have a problem off for very little thanks. I am very proud of him. Apologies if I am going off-topic but I wanted to respond.
  9. That is my favourite poem ever!
  10. flagpole

    Minime 3 Is Here!

    Aaaaawwwww he's gorgeous You must be well chuffed Congrats to you and your other half
  11. flagpole

    Malham Cove - 100m drop!

    Ooo it looks lovely in the sunshine. When we went there was torrential rain and flooding!
  12. flagpole


    Absolutely super news hun! I'm well chuffed for you
  13. I would say awwww but I am useless with scan photos. They always look like something out of Alien to me. Glad everything is going smoothly though
  14. flagpole


    Well done you! You must be so proud
  15. flagpole

    New House new...

    Do you have a piccie?
  16. Hello and welcome Doesn't matter how much you know about weather so long as you have an interest
  17. Oh no, not a friend of Loubys! Hallo there! Pop your location in your profile would you
  18. Why are pirates so mean? Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! (you can thank my niece for that)
  19. Posts in the chat area don't count. If they did I would be on 234,978,987,248. Not that it matters though
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