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  1. You can click on a message and set that user to "ignore posts" - it means you miss anything of interest, but it does mean you can skip the tweets...
  2. This is all right on the edge of my comprehension but you're explaining it brilliantly, even for a non-chemist - thankyou! re KW's posts, unfortunately, I've had to set to 'ignore' as my RSI-wrists can't cope with scrolling through 20 or 30 Tweets in a single post ?
  3. Well, it was the forecast for my 150m asl postcode, so not that hilly ? It's vanished now, replaced by biblical deluges of rain all day Friday...
  4. Er.... presumably this is unlikely to happen?! ? XC's forecast for Telford: 14cm of snow on Friday! ?
  5. No, no - if you keep a nice thick 10" or more of snow on your roof, you end up with fabulous insulation! ?
  6. Oh, it turned out that it is a legal obligation in the UK as well but it's so rare for it to be a problem, esp in Edinburgh, that nobody knew, or had tools, etc... eventually people started to get the hang of it but by then there was so much compacted on most pavements it was impossible. We were lucky in the street I used to live in, a little dead-end lane, because we had one 87-year-old and one 65-year-old and they nipped out sharpish after each fall and cleared a track to the main road - then the 87-year-old went on holiday, and the woman next door and I tried and totally failed to keep on t
  7. I think the bigger problem will be childcare - majority of teachers drive to work, many of them long distances, so schools are often closed with comparatively minor snow. If we had major snow and ice, and schools were closed, how many people will have to take time off work to look after their kids? If people are unable to get to work, that means shops may not all open or only short hours, public transport may not have enough drivers, etc., etc. It became a problem in many places in a small way two years ago, but I think in the event of serious and prolonged cold winter weather, the clos
  8. The frost-watch discussion thread has been saying how unusual a Sept frost is! Steady rain here and distinctly cooler than before. I absolutely love this time of year, filling the freezer with soups and stews, and baking lots of bread, and making crumbles to have with custard, mmmm.... and getting my lovely cosy winter woollies out again ? Rumours starting of a distinctly cold second half to winter - and no, not just the Express's annual SNOWMAGEDDON!!! hysteria, proper actual analysis seems to be cautiously and warily suggesting we check our thermal undies are in order ? https://www.in
  9. It looks as if the wind has veered to be more northerly than initially forecast, so the bulk of Monday's rain is further south... tonight, and Wedensday currently look like the main days for the Midlands, but it's all a bit unpredictable!
  10. It's all likely to be a bit soggy, that's certain! the problem is that it's the flailing throw-off from the storms centred down on/near Brittany, and as they flail round anti-clockwise they swirl across the lower part of this island and the upper curved part comes across anywhere from the Tyne to the Wash, and it's just not quite clear how and where and when and how much! I'm wary about the East Coast warnings, though, because I remember how much snow we got in Telford off the East Coast snow warnings - if it's at just the right angle for a Humber streamer, it can get right the way acro
  11. Increasingly heavy sleet here in Telford, but in the last ten minutes it's changed to distinct snow, large snowflakes floating about like feathers, although still very wet when they land against the window-glass and of course not settling. (I'm having A Day In Bed after various work-trips and whatnot, and it is utterly splendid, sitting up idly knitting with bread rising in the kitchen and soup ready for lunch, and sleet lashing down outside! Horrible for all of the rest of you, I know, but I'm enjoying looking out at it from in here! ? )
  12. For some years now, I've only read the model thread in winter, trying to learn more about How Winter Happens and why it sometimes seems not to happen at all... but if there are going to be people posting in her with the same kind of clear explanations of why they hold a particular opinion, and what a chart shows, and why one model is more reliable for certain things than others.... ...well, if you lot keep it going year-round, I'm getting more and more interested and will happily try to keep following it. Although very much from a standing start, I'm afraid...
  13. I'm really pleased about that, not least because after my confidence a few pages back, we have rain again! ?
  14. Mine was going nicely in TF3 Telford, but seems to be turning back to distinctly-liquid rain now, not even sleet... still, plenty of hours left yet of "the evening" so fingers crossed! ?
  15. Turning to light snow and starting to settle - just!
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