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  1. Hope we all get snow out of this set up,been here all winter..getting up for the oz models ...looking at the charts through the day when should be working, reeling this EPIC cold spell into the reliable only to get snow showers and a snow to rain event will break my will
  2. They have had 5 years of mild weather to pee in tho......providing there 5 years old
  3. Thanks-Should of said the zoomed in version like you posted the other day
  4. Hi Karlos Could you post the high res chart for sunday into monday,the same time frame as you posted in the MOD thread THX
  5. Yeah it's a difficult one ,only one suite of runs but why do we get that sinking feeling....hope for upgrades overnight
  6. Hi everyone Could have a stalling front over all of us Tuesday....snow all day anyone..
  7. Hi Blessed weather Great post thanks,we can't wait to get over there.Yes the travel agency staff said it was the ideal resort for late in the season skiing .
  8. Hi Yes booked with crystal thru TUI staying at the Barbarahof. The wife bought it as a surprise we both have always fancied Austria(and snow)the resort was recommended by the travel agency staff. Thanks for the reply
  9. Hi Carinthian Love the photo's you post, Myself and the family are going to Kaprun in march,first ever ski holiday,whats it like over there?not only for the sking but going out in the evening etc....
  10. HI Yes i've seen Andy's post but what causes the decay of a front ?
  11. Fibre Optic Broadband

    Hi Has anyone got a link to find out when your post code will be be fibre enabled?BT/Openreach website just says currently unavailable. Thanks
  12. 2015 Tennis Thread

    Well played Djokovic.......good result.