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  1. HI Yes i've seen Andy's post but what causes the decay of a front ?
  2. Fibre Optic Broadband

    Hi Has anyone got a link to find out when your post code will be be fibre enabled?BT/Openreach website just says currently unavailable. Thanks
  3. 2015 Tennis Thread

    Well played Djokovic.......good result.
  4. I'm sorry but what are you saying ?
  5. wow your exposed down there moley,bad enough here in yeovil...three fence panels gone and more to follow by the looks of it
  6. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    ha great world cup,remember piling out of the pub when Argentina beat us and trying to ring there embassy accusing them of cheating......
  7. Countryfile forecast earlier was'nt overly inspiring,couple days of frosty mornings and sunny days will do thou(if we cant get two foot of snow)...
  8. You rarely ask simple questions, more so sarcastic comments..
  9. Why have i got 0 warning written below my avatar ?
  10. Most of your posts are one liners with no model input . Do you think the high pressure will flatten ala GFS (one or two day cold spell)or ridge further north ecm(three or four day cold spell)?
  11. What a crisp ,sunny ,gorgous day....infinitly better than wind and rain,hopefully same again tomorrow.