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  1. I’m only 27 but I agree that modern music is absolute garbage. This year in particular I haven’t even bothered looking at the chart with all that’s going on. It’s just Drake releasing TikTok friendly drivel and I agree what people are saying about mumble rap. It literally is the worst and most depressing type of music imaginable. 

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  2. I have developed a strong dislike for Villa over the past few years but fair play to them today. This match is absolutely crazy, Liverpool’s midfield and defence are totally non existent. Wonder if Klopp will have an Evra style breakdown after this 😂

  3. Yes remember October 2008, it didn’t snow here but we had some decent frosts for the time of year. The weekend of the 25th was a complete washout if I remember correctly and the colder air followed on from that. Sort of ushered in the colder period that followed for a few years.

    October 2012 had a colder period as well but we had no snow on that either, just a few genuinely cold and sunny days. 

  4. 33 minutes ago, mike57 said:

    Did anyone directly experience the storm(s) that moved to the south of us last night, according to the Hull Daily Mail it was a 'supercell' storm. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/lightning-hail-storm-east-yorkshire-4546823 The closest one to me I saw it on radar between Driffield and Malton, over the Wolds moving NE before it swung ESE and off into the North Sea south of Bridlington.

    There may have been others.

    This morning its 50mph gusts from the North, really howling

    I experienced the storm over Leeds, was possibly the most intense storm I have witnessed. It started at around 15:30 as a few rumbles and the odd lightning flash with some light rain and it seemed to pass over but then stalled. About an hour later all hell broke lose, the sky turned green and I noticed definite rotation as the storm seemed to pivot back towards us. The lightning was then constant and I have never seen hail like that before in my life, the whole road was white over for hours afterwards. It lasted around 3 hours in total.

    If it wasn’t a supercell then I can only imagine what a true one must be like!

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Gorky said:

    This evenings was something to behold, especially given the incredibly marginal conditions apparent this morning. There was probably always going to be a few sparkers around but nothing with the structure or lightning of the cell near Brid this evening!





    Yes I would definitely say today’s storm is one of the best ones I have ever seen. Never seen so much hail before. Didn’t expect that when I woke up to 9C and steady cold rain this morning! 

  6. 1 minute ago, Pat Butcher said:

    I suggest that’s a mini supercell near Leeds. It’s been at 10 strikes/min for two hours now. When I was nearby, the wind was drawing strongly towards a clearly rotating core roughly 200yds wide.

    Am open to other hypotheses also, could just be a long-lived pulse storm with coincidental rotation..

    I did notice the rotation in the storm also, can still hear the thunder now. It was actually scary driving through it because I thought the windscreen was about to smash! It’s the closest I have seen to a supercell for many years anyhow.

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  7. I’d definitely put 2019-2020 in the worst winters category, it was dull, wet, mild and boring and Covid has soured my memory of it.

     2015/16 & 2016-17 are also up there (can barely remember much from 16-17). 2013/14 was awful but it was interesting from a weather viewpoint at just how relentless the storms were. 

    I enjoyed 2017/2018 for its variety and also 2010/2011 (obviously for that unforgettable December). 2012/13 was good also, but the cold really did start dragging as it went all the way into April, the country felt like a barren wasteland until well into spring! 

    2009/10 was so cold, it felt like the first “proper winter” in my lifetime. 

    I was young but I remember 2000/01 being good for snow. 

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