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  1. Remember this one well, I was at school at the time and weather interested me even back then. The worst winds came early afternoon when the skies cleared and it was a right gale.

    It’s only really beaten by the February 2014 storm here in my memory.

  2. I remember 2004, I had to leave school early because of it. 2013 we had heavy snow mid month but that got totally overshadowed by the following March.

    2010 is by far the most snow I have seen in January and the depth of the cold lasted so long.

    I can also now add yesterday to the list! 👍

  3. 20 years ago this week, probably the first snow event I can remember in good detail. I was living down in Staffordshire back then, the days after Christmas was really cold and we had a right dumping of snow overnight on the 27th I think. It lasted into the new year because I remember New Year’s Eve being really cold with snow on the ground.

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