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  1. Been good for cold and snow here, reminds me of 2014-15, lots of snow up north but nothing down south.
  2. Even with the cloud and rain today definitely seems brighter compared to a month ago. Small steps but as we go into February things accelerate quickly.
  3. Remember this one well, I was at school at the time and weather interested me even back then. The worst winds came early afternoon when the skies cleared and it was a right gale. It’s only really beaten by the February 2014 storm here in my memory.
  4. Just gone for a walk in Narnia otherwise known as Menston. I’m satisfied for the rest of the winter now even if we don’t get anymore snow!
  5. What a gorgeous morning, literally looks like Lapland. Currently -3.5, I wonder if it won’t climb above 0C all day.
  6. If this had been the south east it would have got a red Met Office warning. Getting really deep here!
  7. We’ve already beaten last weeks snowfall and the “sky is full of it” as my mum would say 😂
  8. 2015 had a couple of decent snowfalls at the end of the month too.
  9. The two beasts from 2018 stick out, obviously the first one at the end of February was a lot more noteworthy, I can never recall winds as cold as that before. The one that happened mid March was still memorable though, it didn’t last as long being so late in the season but it still left a good dumping of snow.
  10. I remember 2004, I had to leave school early because of it. 2013 we had heavy snow mid month but that got totally overshadowed by the following March. 2010 is by far the most snow I have seen in January and the depth of the cold lasted so long. I can also now add yesterday to the list! 👍
  11. Proper blizzard here again now, not seen snow like this for ages! Still having trouble to settle properly though.
  12. Probably the snowiest day since the second BFFE in March 2018 here now. No sign of it slowing down yet.
  13. About an inch so far, bet it’s mental up at the airport!
  14. Suddenly got really heavy snow in Guiseley, been raining for much of the night. Starting to settle on the roads.
  15. Today is the first time I have noticed a difference tonight with it being so clear. Looking forward to spring more than ever before this year (for obvious reasons!)
  16. Yeah it was crap in Guiseley really, snowed for hours but absolutely nothing settled, it’s just a horrible ice now. Yet a couple of miles away it was whiteover!
  17. Rain in Guiseley yet it’s currently -2, Just went out to get some beers from the garage and almost froze to death!
  18. Barely has got above 1C for the last 3 days here, ice and snow still on the ground. Freezing fog today after a sunny start, definitely the coldest it has felt for at least 2 years
  19. Decent covering In LS20, still coming down but has slowed a bit
  20. 20 years ago this week, probably the first snow event I can remember in good detail. I was living down in Staffordshire back then, the days after Christmas was really cold and we had a right dumping of snow overnight on the 27th I think. It lasted into the new year because I remember New Year’s Eve being really cold with snow on the ground.
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