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  1. Apart from the unbelievable storm on the 24th September, this autumn has been a complete borefest. Apart from the really wet day on the 1st October I can’t think of anything since.
  2. The December 2010 thread has made me remember the last few days of that month. I remember the spell from the 27th to New Year being really foggy as the milder air creeped in. It’s a shame the cold didn’t hold on until the end of the month!
  3. As other have said my all time favourite weather month. I was on holiday so missed the start of the November cold spell, the first half of December was really cold with lots of snow, similar to January 2010. The part that sticks with me though is the second cold spell, we didn’t have as much snow but the temperatures were unbelievably cold. I remember Thursday 16th starting wet with rain, by midday the cold air followed on from this and it turned to snow. I remember walking home from sixth form with everything started to freeze on the ground. The following days were the coldest temperatur
  4. Another one I had forgotten about was the 4th March 2018. It was just after the beast from the east had passed but we had another few inches of snow all morning on the Sunday. We were only expecting some sleet but we got about 5 hours worth of heavy snow.
  5. I went all the way until year 10 (2008-09) without my primary schools or secondary school ever closing due to weather. It closed during snow in December 2008 and then again in January 2010. I was in sixth form in December 2010 and I think it also closed for a few days in the first week that month. Not sure since but I think we had a load of closures during March 2018.
  6. A couple that stick out, 29th April 2016, we woke up to a couple of inches of snow which is the latest snow I can ever remember, it melted off by 10am though. Another is the morning of the 19th February 2011, it was supposed to be my first driving lesson but we had a covering of snow here that made me cancel it. Don’t think it effected anywhere else!
  7. December 2010 by a distance, it was such a magical time before Christmas with everything white over and the sun shining. December 2009 as it brought another white Christmas. I enjoyed 2017 as well, had a good variety of weather and we had snow on the morning of the 27th and during the day on the 8th. December 2008 was decent for cold and snow also.
  8. We did get a lot of snow here in Leeds Bradford during that December 2008 spell. It was what I consider the first major snowfall in the 2008-13 colder period. The end of the month was freezing too but it didn’t snow here.
  9. This period we are going through now is particularly foggy, think this is day 4 of a thick fog but it has slowly cleared. Currently in self isolation which makes things even more depressing! The first week of November 2015 I remember being another foggy period, Sunday 1st was really mild and sunny but the fog descended on the Sunday afternoon and lasted for about 5 days.
  10. It’s currently been foggy for the past few days here, it’s got me thinking about previous foggy periods. I seem to be remember the period before Christmas 2006 being really foggy for days, I think they had a lot of disruption in aviation before Christmas because of it. Another one that sticks out is the first week of April 2014, I believe that particular foggy spell was caused by smog and dust from Sahara. My car was covered in red dust when the fog lifted. Can anybody else remember any other memorable foggy spells?
  11. I can also remember Halloween 2005 starting dry but it absolutely pelted it down later on because it was the last time I ever went trick or treating! Bonfire Night 2016 I remember being cold, we actually had a covering of snow a few days later on the 9th. I remember November 2016 being quite cold throughout.
  12. Windiest day for a while here, torrential rain earlier but the sun is out now.
  13. Taking my mind off Covid for a bit, what are people’s most memorable Halloween’s/Bonfire Nights weather wise? Halloween 2014 sticks in the mind most for me, I remember working outside in the sun and it felt like August. 2008 I remember for how cold it was. Bonfire night I can’t remember that many memorable ones, I remember 2012 being quite cold and clear because all the smoke stuck around in air all night and until the next morning. I’m sure they are many more memorable ones.
  14. Another dismal wet day here, such a depressing month in every aspect. The wettest month I have recorded was February this year, only started my weather station 3 years ago though. Be interesting to see if this month will beat it.
  15. I can’t really remember much of 2005 but I know that the last part was really cold and frosty, I can’t remember any snow here though. 2008 ended cold and that led into early December where we ended up getting quite a dumping of snow in the first week. My school was shut for the first time ever it seemed that week.
  16. It was really surreal, the best way I can describe it was like living through a heavily filtered Instagram photo! I remember how mild it was the weekend before as well, it felt really warm in the strong Southerly winds.
  17. Yeah I agree with this, ever since One Dance topped the charts for about 20 weeks it has been mostly terrible. I have also listened to a lot of stuff from 2008-2015, guess I’m just nostalgic for normality ha
  18. Yeah I was a bit young but I agree about that era, love the house/dance music from then in particular 👍
  19. I’m only 27 but I agree that modern music is absolute garbage. This year in particular I haven’t even bothered looking at the chart with all that’s going on. It’s just Drake releasing TikTok friendly drivel and I agree what people are saying about mumble rap. It literally is the worst and most depressing type of music imaginable.
  20. Ah yes it would have been the 10th December, we did get some of the 27th December that year that was a nice surprise!
  21. 11th December 2017, we was supposed to get snow here but all we got was a a few flakes on the Sunday afternoon. Areas further south got a right dumping.
  22. I have developed a strong dislike for Villa over the past few years but fair play to them today. This match is absolutely crazy, Liverpool’s midfield and defence are totally non existent. Wonder if Klopp will have an Evra style breakdown after this 😂
  23. 9 years ago since the peak of this heatwave. It was a fantastic spell of weather, it did feel weird sunbathing at such a late time of the year however, most of the garden was in the shade because of the low sun angle and the sun felt really weak even though it was touching 30C. I also remember there were a lot more bugs and spiders about then usual!
  24. Yes remember October 2008, it didn’t snow here but we had some decent frosts for the time of year. The weekend of the 25th was a complete washout if I remember correctly and the colder air followed on from that. Sort of ushered in the colder period that followed for a few years. October 2012 had a colder period as well but we had no snow on that either, just a few genuinely cold and sunny days.
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