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  1. I have nothing to add in terms of the models because I am not sufficiently knowledgeable so it may be that this post should be removed - but surely this has to be THE post of the 17/18 winter? - as a beginner I have been horrified by the wilful misinterpretation of the models by some on here - it makes it much harder for those of us who are still learning. Anyway, thanks to the many posters, johnholmes of course included, who take a more intelligent and objective approach, and are keen to impart their knowledge to others - it's much appreciated.
  2. On Tuesday evening the graphics showed persistent snow showers for Wednesday morning for my neck of the woods in West Kent - no mention of this on the website, yet persistent snow showers was what we got, even heavy at times - the BBC website did not show any snow even as it was falling out of the sky for a 3-hour period. I've noticed since the Meteogroup switch that the video graphics seem to be more consistent with the MetO website forecasts but sometimes totally at odds with the BBC website forecasts - at present I'm putting my faith in the video graphics together with the MetO website. They need to get this sorted (funnily enough, the Weather section is currently unavailable on the BBC website, so maybe they have flagged this as an issue?)
  3. An hour ago here in West Kent - and still snowing lightly.
  4. We seem to have been the lucky ones here in Tunbridge Wells for the second time in a week - have a good covering and we're still getting moderate snow showers. I looked out at 5.30 and it was snowing quite heavily then - very unexpected.
  5. I would have been there that day with my girls! - that was a snowfall and a half! I seem to remember seeing a couple of people sledging down Mount Pleasant first thing that morning.... all the roads were closed and awaiting a snowplough.....
  6. Think Tunbridge Wells was the sweet spot - we even made it to the BBC national website:
  7. Light but persistent snow still in West Kent. Have a good covering with no sign of any thaw. The pavements are absolutely treacherous and partner reports that the train to London was deserted so I imagine some commuters in the villages nearby couldn't get to the station. By Orpington apparently the snow has completely gone. This is the first decent covering we've had since 2013 so I'm happy!
  8. Heavy snow now with a light covering on all surfaces here in Tunbridge Wells
  9. Those were great NW days..... Chris is much missed.. So sorry to hear you've had such a difficult couple of years, Tom, and great to hear that you are getting back to your old self. Great to see some old faces on here tonight - hopefully we can reunite over a bit of the white stuff!
  10. Good to see a MetO upgrade for West Kent, with snow now forecast to start earlier tonight and the heavy snow symbol now showing for the first time tomorrow.... hoping our puppy gets to see the white stuff for the first time....
  11. Lightest and dreariest of snow here in TW. I think I must be getting old because this no longer excites me in the least.
  12. Starting to settle in Tunbridge Wells - MetOffice app still has this down as sleet for me but it's very definitely snow, so if it does get heavier later as they are suggesting we could end up with a couple of centimetres. Most unexpected.
  13. Sleety mix now here in Tunbridge Wells. When I woke up at 6.30 the MetO were only forecasting light snow for me at 3PM - now it seems we may have heavy snow from midday though I would have thought there was zero chance of it settling. Just shows how incredibly hard it is to forecast snow.
  14. Strictly rain only here in West Kent but am chuffed for everyone seeing snow - and we still have almost three months of winter left....