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  1. Is this research team highly rated? Am certainly more inclined to trust them than James Madden and Nathan Rao! https://news.sky.com/story/uk-could-be-hit-by-another-beast-from-the-east-this-winter-say-scientists-11805159
  2. Well, I wasn't really expecting this! - here in Tunbridge Wells it's snowing moderately, heavier than last night in fact though I doubt it will settle as the ground is soaking. Sadly I won't be able to lamppost watch as it's PTA Quiz Night at my daughters' school - can't wait!
  3. Snowing heavily in Tunbridge Wells..... looks like we were lucky this time, but please everyone, try to be happy for others - we've all been in a situation where we were promised something and didn't get it,.... your turn will come!
  4. Starting to snow properly here in Tunbridge Wells and settling immediately, indeed you can see individual snowflakes freezing on surfaces - am starting to feel hopeful....
  5. Not looking too bad according to the MetO for our location in West Kent - four hours of heavy snow, eight hours of non-heavy snow..... this isn't Minnesota so I would be more than happy with that!
  6. Transitioning to a sleety mix here in Tunbridge Wells - high excitement in our household, which speaks volumes for the winter so far! Will take anything at this point, and many thanks to TWBC for ensuring that the lamppost outside my house is not only now working, but working 24/7 so I can make the most of the wintry scene. Good luck to other NW SE members!
  7. Moderate snow in Tunbridge Wells, easing off a little now but starting to settle - much more so than yesterday. I don't think at this rate that it is going be in any way disruptive though.
  8. That's unlucky! - We were in Crowborough earlier this evening, dropping my daughter off at the Army Cadet base, and there was a decent-ish covering, more than we've had here in Tunbridge Wells.
  9. Light to moderate snow for the last 20 minutes in Tunbridge Wells - just starting to settle on some surfaces. I cannot believe I am saying that in mid-March! We are supposed to be taking our daughters to Cadet Camp in Crowborough later today - do not relish driving in this.
  10. Some will survive, and those will be the strongest ones. Survival of the fittest!
  11. Yes, given that only a few weeks ago so many were bemoaning the fact that winter was over it's been pretty impressive, especially for March - I never want to hear it said again that late winter snowfall cannot deliver the goods! For some it has been awesome, most of us have seen several snowfalls - no complaints here. Hope everyone gets home safely tonight - see you all next November!
  12. In West Kent it's been snowing continuously, and sometimes heavily, for several hours.... wish I could send it your way as my husband is currently stuck on a train....
  13. Latest update from Southeastern Railway, for those forum members facing the Friday night commute: IMPORTANT UPDATE 15:45These routes are OPEN. If travelling on these: please go ASAP: Hastings Line / Ashf'd via Tonbdge Bexleyheath line Woolwich line Hayes line Victoria - Brom South ChX - Orpington Buses (@TfL & @ArrivaKent) & Tube accepting tickets
  14. Bexleyheath line now suspended too.... not looking good for the Friday evening rush hour if you are a Southeastern passenger. EDIT: sorry, that's trains from Bexleyheath to London - coming out of London the line is still open.
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