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  1. Another chilly start but first morning out of the last 9 without snow. -6c overnight is extreme for here at sea level. currently 3.3c with a dew point of 0.6c. Flat calm (yes, no wind in this part of the western isles 😀), unending blue skies and sunshine. should be a good day.
  2. Heavy snow showers. Current temps of -1c with an overnight low of -5.3c. Dew point of -1.4c Wind easterly at 2.5mph. pressure at 1023.6hPa steady. 5-6cm of snow on the ground.
  3. Snow yet again overnight. About 5-6cm this time, think this is day 8 now with just a break on Thursday where snow has fallen. Very unusual for us in the Hebrides at any time.
  4. Smashing day here, plenty of snow overnight in the Hebrides especially over Lewis. temp currently at 1c dew point of 0.2c with negligible wind which is a bizarre oddity for us 😀
  5. After the earlier balmy 8c and Dp of 7c we’ve seen the wind swing to the NNW and temps have quickly fallen back again to 4.1/3.5c and still falling back.
  6. Quite a change here today, 8c with a 7c dew point. light showers of rain and breezy. seems like the mild interlude is here in the Hebrides.
  7. Currently 956.0 hpa falling more slowly. Think we’re in the middle of the low in the western isles
  8. Chilly morning here with dusting of snow and wintry showers.
  9. Lots of wintry showers overnight. Dusting of snow with temps at 1.6c and 1c dew point. 959mb and falling slowly.
  10. We do get them, usually its in the winter though.
  11. It's been very noisy up here today, impressive colours on the rainfall radars but very little falling at the moment on the Westside of Lewis. Just big old rumbling storms.
  12. Very lively up here in the Hebrides. Been near constant storms since lunchtime today. Another large cluster developing at the moment.
  13. Been a unusual winter up here in the Hebrides. Still having to cut back rambling roses and on the hedges as they have barely stopped if slowed a little. Pruning trees today and noticed I'm too late this winter with sap rising already and all the trees coming into bud. Usual bulbs coming up.. daffs and crocus, the snowdrops were up in early December. We are usually a bit milder here due to the gulf stream but this looks like being another decidedly difficult horticultural year coming up.
  14. Been another stunning day in the Hebrides again with back to back days of 25c and blue sky.
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