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  1. We do get them, usually its in the winter though.
  2. It's been very noisy up here today, impressive colours on the rainfall radars but very little falling at the moment on the Westside of Lewis. Just big old rumbling storms.
  3. Very lively up here in the Hebrides. Been near constant storms since lunchtime today. Another large cluster developing at the moment.
  4. Been a unusual winter up here in the Hebrides. Still having to cut back rambling roses and on the hedges as they have barely stopped if slowed a little. Pruning trees today and noticed I'm too late this winter with sap rising already and all the trees coming into bud. Usual bulbs coming up.. daffs and crocus, the snowdrops were up in early December. We are usually a bit milder here due to the gulf stream but this looks like being another decidedly difficult horticultural year coming up.
  5. Been another stunning day in the Hebrides again with back to back days of 25c and blue sky.
  6. Damp, overcast/broken cloudy start here. Heavy showers rain overnight. Occasional light rain. 13c, wind 220 13G21.
  7. Totally agree Cookie. It seems odd that there was no warning for the general public but Aberdeen Met office sent us 4 warnings for severe weather to affect the airport. Strange they can issue them to us but not the rest of the island. Incidentally we clocked 64 Kts at the airport with a sustained speed of 40-50 kts for much of the day.
  8. likewise 2009/10 was pretty epic across all of Scotland, living in Glasgow at the time and it was the first i'd ever seen folk walking across the clyde, sub zero by day and shockingly by night for the town. Driving up to the Island around late December was quite a trip especially heading towards Loch Glascarnoch. Would be nice to have another 'proper' winter.
  9. rather damp and breezy day here on the west coast of the isle of lewis. Max temp has occurred in the last hour 15.3c Rainfall 2.8mm Max average wind: 26.4mph max wind gust: 44.1mph very typical autumn day here.
  10. Where have all my posts gone? And my profile details for that matter

    1. Dorsetbred


      Maybe they mistook you for Ian Cameron ;^(

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